Watson Gill
Pakistani Christians from Holland strongly condemn the shamfull act by Muslim group who allegedly kidnapped 14 year old Mehak Masih d/o Rasheed Masih in daylight at gunpoint.
Tayeb Butt along with his four Muslim friends atack on house of Rasheed Masih in Gujranwala last week . Tayab Butt warn the victom family the girl will be purified convert to Islam .
These incidents against Christian are increasing day by day.Only in recent incidents so many innocent Christians killed in Pakistan like Arif Masih, Arshad Masih, Sohail Nathanel, Abas Masih, Younes Masih, Arnold Das, Parvez Masih. But not a single murder case has been resolved.  Abducting Christian girls and childrens  and selling them it’s  like a legal besiness for criminals. More then 30 Christian girls abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in last 4 weeks.Pujab is the most affeted Provence in Pakistan.In Punjab the influnce of Talibanisation idology is becoming strong. Pakistani government doing nothing to protect Christians in Pakistan.
We urge the Christians leaders in Pakistan to refuse the personal benefits, and please raise your voice for our fearful people.