What is happening with Pakistani Christians asylum seekers in Europe, Watson Gill

What is happening with Pakistani Christians asylum seekers in Europe
Why these so called democratic european countries playing with  Pakistani Christians asylum seekers. I would like to request to any Organization, Church or media to please help this family
A Pakistani innocent Christian family in German prison.
This family of Trevor Clive was seeking international protection in Finland under the Geneva Convention which has sign on 28th of July 1951 on the Status of Refugees.But their asylum application have been rejected by Finnish authorities. Finnish Immigration want them to deport. The Pakistani Christian family with two young childrens fled to save their life to German, and now the husband is in German jail and his wife with their kids are in detention center near by Humberg.( She told me the story on phone and they conected with me via Facebook)
Pakistani Christians are facing false accusation of blasphemy law. Blasphemy law being misused to persecute Christians in Pakistan. They are facing organised attacks in Pakistan against them. and it is increasing day by day.   That uncertainty has turned to fear as Islamic militants have taken advantage of blasphemy law in Pakistan. According to US State Department report, Pakistan is one of 10 countries failing to protect minorities right.
Why the European countries are closing their doors for Christians. Four Pakistani Christian Mangat Masih, Tahir Masih and two more including a woman has detained in Holland. The rules of Dublin Convention should not apply to the Christians who persecuted in Muslim countries. Dublin Convention was signed in Dublin, Ireland on 15 June 1990. According to the Dublin Convention is to prevent an applicant from submitting applications in multiple Member States. Another aim is to reduce the number of “orbiting” asylum seekers, who are shuttled from member state to member state. However since the country that a person first arrived in is responsible for dealing with the application, this puts excessive pressure on border areas.
Even ECRE (European Council on Refugees and Exiles) and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and other NGO,s (Non-governmental organisations openly  criticized the Dublin resolution, that the current system fails in providing fair, efficient and effective protection
Watson Gill


  1. European always crazy lover to Muslim they always hate Pakistani Christian, Muslim merry their daughters and eat them after they against them if you ask to Muslim about Europe they will use filthy language but if you ask to Christian they thought we are one in Christ they pray for Israel, America, Europe but we came to know today we are wrong they are our enemy anti Christ.

  2. European only love muslims and the money, the never care for the Christianity. Christian history tells you that euorpean Christians never helped eastern Christian countries and many Christian states in east are now non-christian states. European started Crusades with no reason and that is mark of shame on the Christian Church history. Recently Spain closed the doors for Catholic Christians who wanted pilgrimage for the most respectable Pope Benidicit, but Spanish authorities banned the visa issuance to Pakistani Christians. No one from Pakistan raised the voice on this. Kashmiri muslims are the best example who benefited from asylum and now they have married in europe and usa and canada. They have big businesses in uk . They use abusive language for europeans and uk but are the most favourite for europeans to marry their daughters to them. the nations whose media always show dirty side of europeans are the favourites. Keep on loving money and non-christians the stupid europe.

  3. According to me Europeans are just fucking nations they always favor other religions not Pakistani Christians and the day is just near when those Muslim ppl take over the Western Christians and will get completely hold over there then those fucking western Christians know the reality about those Muslims who are gettig marrying with thier Christians Daughters and many more………

  4. shame on the European union who are not giving the protection to pakistani minorities and i really shame on them and they called that they are human life safer but they like the only other nationalies and they also hate pakistani minorities. i m Shia muslim and applied for the asylum to many European countries and i m shia muslim and got much threats from the talibans but nobody ever heard our outcry and talibans are brutally killings to shia muslim minorities in pakistan and where is geneva convetions or Dulbin conventions sings to protect the human race. and we are being brutally killed by hands of talibans? shame on UNO and other human claimer organizations. i m also looking for a protection. if anybody have soft and kind heart please reply me on my email.

    i got much threats from the pakistani talibans to leave this country otherwise, they will kill me.
    take pity on pakistani minorites ohhh European people.

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