Sanghla Hill: October 14, 2012. (PCP) Pastor Karama Patras, an Evangelist and famous for healing crusades in Pakistan was arrested on October 13, 2012, on accusations of blasphemy by police after taking him in preventive custody when Muslim mob attacked his home.

Pastor Patras was used to hold healing prayers in Sanghla Hill where Muslims were also participating in large number on which extremists Muslim elements of area accused him of pressing Muslim to convert to Christianity.

On evening of October 13, 2012, when Pastor Patras was holding prayers in house of a Christian family about four Muslim families joined prayers and requested Pastor Patras to pray for healing of their sick family members.

After end of Prayer meeting, when Pastor Patras reached home, he heard appeals on mosques loudspeakers by area Muslim clerics calling for Muslims to join hands to punish infidel Pastor to teach him lesson for converting Muslims to Christianity.

The Muslim Imams said in mosque loudspeakers “Pastor Patras is blasphemer and infidel liable to be killed” on which hundreds of Muslims attacked on home of Pastor Karama Patras.

The area police rushed to scene of incident and saved Pastor from mob that were mercilessly beating and kicking him and destroying his household.

On pressure of Muslim mob, the police arrested Pastor Patras under Section 295 C PPC of blasphemy laws.