It has been observed that violence against Christians is increasing day by day. They are often accused of blasphemy and killed before they can prove their innocence in the courts.

Forced conversions and marriages are taking place and also the five percent quota for religious minorities in jobs and civil services is not implemented in many of the provinces of Pakistan.

Christian human rights workers, social workers and those involved in women’s developments, have been trying to eliminate the worse situation into normal.

The leaders reached a conclusion that there are a small number of outlaws in Pakistan who try to destabilize peace here. Unfortunately, although they are small, these forces are strong and they can easily trap and misuse the common Muslim who is peaceful, tolerant and open in normal situation. Unfortunately, over the past three decades these forces have not been curbed by our state departments and they have gained more and more power and strengthened their network.

In a bid to end persecution and discrimination and also to promote Christian-Muslim dialogue.

The basic idea is to make Christians understand that isolation will not help. Interaction between Christians and Muslims will give an opportunity to promote peace and reconciliation.

Some hobo attacked on Christian family going for Christmas celebrations on 25th December, 2012 in Iqbal Town, Islamabad and few were injured few of the Christians people.

The FIR (First Investigation Report) was registered in PS Shahzad Town; Islamabad and police officials arrested the culprits after few days. The officials, senior Muslims and Christians social activists got together to create harmony among these groups. Malik Amir, and Mr. Raisat from the Muslim faith and Basharat Khokhar from Christian gathered at Malik Amir’s residence and called few Christian representatives from the said area called up to re-console the effective family.
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Malik Amir, a prominent Muslim political worker apologist Christians of the area and assured that he will take care of them and said that soon he will arrange dialogue between Christians and Muslims of the area to create interfaith harmony. We can hope for the best.