Do you think this struggle against hanger is proper way of earning?

To day our Christians are pressed to do job to clean rubbish garbage and to clean dirty sewerages in all over Pakistan. After the partition there were little hope for development and encouragement of all working sectors without any religious discrimination.
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Our churches were playing an active role in education and health. European priest and non build school, community centers, seminaries and churches all over the country. They have vision to trained local religious and political Christian leaders who lead their community and promote Christian values; In 1970 Zulfiqar Ali Bhato took private institutions and promotes Islamic culture. But after 80’s Dictator Zia Ul haq continued to garb minorities’ rights with the help of Christian companions. He promotes Islamic denominational hatred culture by the name of true Islam. He bulldozes minority’s rights and Christian values. In 1990 Nawaz Sharif introduces blasphemy law and other discriminations in Punjab and all over Pakistan with the help of CHRISTIAN leaders.
Nawaz Sharif promotes qotta system in education and all other department for the promotion of Muslim party workers. He also announced merit systems but behind the purpose was to build concrete wall against the promotion of Christians, He also announced that nursing department should be independent and the students who are willing to serve in this site should be 60 or 70%. Due to that policy Christian girls who had not resources were not struggle for 60%.

Due to these reasons Christian community never took interest in to merit systems and in education, our coming generation will also working in sweeping class. The Church always ignored them, Church has building and resources but the family promotion policy kicked backed our Christian values, some families changing their religion due to the behavior of Bishops and Priest. Christian girls are working in offices as telephone operators, beauticians, domestic workers, 85% are cleaning rubbish, and sewerages in WASA, MUNICIPAL CARPORATION,RAILWAYS,AIR PORTS,HOSPITAL,UNIVERSITIES,PUBLIC TOILETS,ROADS,NGOS,SCHOOL,AND HEALTH SECTOR WITHOUT any safety precautions at daily wages. Many human rights organizations shouting for equal rights but they are interested for minority’s rights, because minorities are not human. Federal and Punjab govt confirm Muslims workers at all departments, But the Christian workers who are working at daily wages from 5 to 10 years are still waiting for there promotion.

Today our Christian moral values are down if they never try to jump and break this hole they will never become good citizen and always being treated as un human.

Khalid Shahzad.

Bureau Chief Ravi news and Dhome t v news.