Talibanization become worst day by day for cities like Karachi as well target killing of innocent people in which last month 2 Christians also lose there live the only fault was this they were crossing road where these activists of Islamic fundamental group was doing protest against the killing of their one of activist , political parties mpa,mna are also no more safe in Karachi city last month MQM one of the senior activist killed along with his 3 security guards , people are living under fear you never know what happen in minute city become dangerous , in 2012 there were 1725 people killed till month of September 2012 and in October till December more then hundreds killed so figure touches more then 2000 killing in 2012 only in city Karachi.
In the start of 2013 again more then 100 people killing case has been registered by local police , we cannot say only Taliban are responsible for this there are several political parties who do this any government official claim that they know who they are but we don’t know why they take any action , Talibanization are in power in few big areas of Karachi like Sohrab goth ,gulistan e jahur , mangu peer etc a week before Taliban attack on sohrab goth police station and took there two prisoner from police station .Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and 12 biggest city of the world it is the hub of Pakistan but unfortunately so called city of light nowadays in dark fear of killing. ( Sunny gill )