Pakistani Christian are facing enormously injustice, difficulties in asylum procedure in UK, EU and even in UN offices. We need to work hard in this matter. it is impossible without the unity in our community. One Brother wrote me his painful story about his asylum rejection in UN office in Sri Lanka. This story was publish in ANS News and some other news papers.

Dear Sir,

We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have come to know about your organisation through some fellow christians and I was told by them that you are doing some good sympathetic work for the upliftment of the fellow christians who are persecuted in the muslim countries, especially in Pakistan.

I am a citizen of Pakistan and I was forced to flee my country because of the Black Laws of Blasphemy in my country, i.e. 295 A/B/C. Right now I am in Colombo, Sri Lanka for the last four years and 2 months. I left Pakistan with my family due to the discrimination that i faced in Pakistan because of these injust and regressive laws which are specifically meant to target minorities in Pakistan.

I have applied for Religious Asylum with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). I came here with my family with the protection and blessings of Rev. Bishop James Dean of the Presbyterian Church in Pakistan. In spite of the fact that all the statements given by me were true and exact, I have a feeling that my application was considered as a joke by the officer who took my interview. Moreover, I feel he was prejudiced as he was a muslim who did not take the pain to understand my problems seriously. As you know that the entire world is aware of these Black Blasphemy Laws which aim merciless killings of christians in Pakistan and thus acting as a sword and reducing our christian fraternity in Pakistan.

The U.N.H.C.R rejected my case saying that I never explained them the real causes. According to International laws applicable, if i am providing all necessary proofs and statements, the authorities need to verify all claims that i have made in my application, but i have a strong feeling that my case was not enquired properly. If my case had been enquired then i would not complain, but i have a feeling that my application did not take the proper course of legal procedures which it deserved. For me it is a clear cut case of discrimination. I would like to state here that i have all documentary proof to support the authenticity of my case, to prove that my life is in grave danger if i return to Pakistan.

As I have already explained that I have lost everything in Pakistan, including my house, my job and I fled my country fearing death which is the case for all christians in Pakistan. Everyday Christians are being regularly targetted and attacked by muslim extremists. The christian homes and churches are vandalised and destroyed. Some recent examples are the assasinations of Mr. Suleman Taseer, Governor of Punjab Province, and Mr. Shabaz Bhatti, the Minister for Minority Affairs. I would like to particularly mention over here that the Minister for Minority Affairs had promised that he would amend these Black Laws, but the religious extremists threatened him and eventually killed him. All the Christians in Pakistan are suffering in prisons illegally because of these laws, and some of them are tortured so much that they die in the prisons itself.

I do not understand why inspite of such solid proof and evidence which shows the plight of Christians in Pakistan and the discrimination that they have to face because of these laws, why my case has not been considered and why the UNHCR has not given me and my family a just hearing. As i am suffering enormously right now, I dont have any other choice but to contest this unjust decision which has been given.

I would like to bring to your notice that all christians who have been a victim of these black laws are left with no other choice but to flee their country and find asylum in some other country. There is no question of these people to go back to Pakistan to ensure a safe and dignified life.

i request to you to help me and my family in the name of Christ. Anywhere on the earth wherever there is humanity and kindness.

Mr. Babar Pervaiz Masih
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pakistani Christian family fearfully flees for their life to another country and are in hiding after receiving death threats from Islamic militants
Now an appeal has been lodged with the UN

By Jawad Mazhar
Special Correspondent for ANS, reporting from Pakistan
FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN (ANS) — A Pakistani Christian family has been in hiding for several years now after receiving death threats from Islamic militants for posting advertising matter for a healing crusade and also allegedly damaging Islamic posters, which have been strongly denied by the father of the family.
Babar Pervaiz Masih and his family pictured as n undisclosed location
According to information obtained by ANS, the crusade was due to take place on October 2, 2008, in the compound of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan located at Ibn-e-Maryam colony in Faisalabad, where the Rt. Rev. Bishop James Dean was to be the chief guest, speaker and organizer of the event.
The Christian who has been in hiding overseas with his family is Babar Pervaiz Masih, the son of Boota Masih, who born on November 26, 1979, and was a resident of Abuzar Ghaffar town in Faisalabad.
ANS was able to contact Mr. Masih from his hiding place and he explained that he a few days prior to the crusade, he was pasting an advertisement for it as well as paper banners on the walls of St. Joseph’s Technical Training College, when his troubles began.
After being seen doing this, he said that was “terribly harassed” and then began received death threats from local Islamic militants who objected to what he was doing.
Babar Pervaiz Masih said in an interview that June and August in Pakistan are the Monson rainy season, he further alleged, that due to the rainy season several old paper advertisements including advertisements of local Islamic gatherings were in “feeble condition and almost torn by the heavy showers and wind.”
According to his statement to me, Mr. Masih said that when he was posting the healing crusade’s advertisements, “two fanatic Muslim youths wearing green turbans arrived and falsely blamed me saying that I had torn pieces of the Islamic advertisement posters.”
He stated that he denied the charges in which he was told that the posters contained Islamic verses, but these young men would not accept what he said.
Mr. Masih went on to say that he was “well aware” of the controversial blasphemy laws in Pakistan which, he said, could bring him to the gallows and he said that these “fanatic Muslims stalwarts could also rape my female family members and burn down our house.”
Once local Christians heard about the situation, they staged a peaceful protest against the way he was being treated.
Babar Pervaiz Masih statement was corroborated by Rt. Rev Bishop James Dean, who said that before the arrival of their fellow radical Islamic militants he ran to the Bishop’s house to tell him about the situation.
“For almost a month those Muslim men kept tracing me and finally somehow they found my phone number and started threatening me to abduct my children and then kill them”, said Babar Pervaiz Masih, adding, “Once they found me they and barbarically thrashed me with clubs, rods, chains and whatever they could hold in their hands.”
Babar said when all their efforts to stop the harassment, he approached the Batala Police Station and installed a case with First Information Report (FIR #) 653/2008 on November 10, 2008 at 1435 hours (Pakistani Time) under sections 365 (dishonesty), 511 (abetment or attempt to commit a wrongdoing) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Pakistan Penal Code.
Bishop Dean told ANS that lives of all the family members were “in dire danger” therefore he had arranged for them to fly out of the country.
Now Bishop Dean, as well as Babar’s counsel, has appealed to the United Nations to not allow them to be repatriated to Pakistan as they both say that case against him was built on a “false basis.” They have said that Islamic radical groups are still looking for him and his family and that if they were deported back to Pakistani they felt certain that they would be killed one way or another.