Human Rights activists were tortured for 16 hours in Pakistan.

Zeeshan Nahir is a Human Rights Activist from Karachi Pakistan. He is very active member of two leading organizations like Amnesty International and All Pakistan Christian League.

All Pakistan Christian League organized a Series of Protests in Karachi against the violation of rights of Minorities in Pakistan.

Zeeshan Nahir has always represented Amnesty International and APCL in all protests.

9th april 2013 at 3am, Zeeshan was kidnapped by some unknown people from his house with 2 other Christian activists from same area.

They were taken to unknown place where they were tortured for hours. They were asked to stay silent and not to raise voice against the violation of human Rights in Pakistan and If they will ever do it again they will have to face more serious consequences.

After the struggle of their families and friends, they were released same Day at 6pm.

They were tortured for hours with IRON RODS and right now they are not in even condition to stand on their legs.

APCL leadership has requested the Government of Pakistan to take notice of this issue but nothing has been done so far. We will request you all to become our voice to put pressure on Pakistan Government to take notice of this shameful incident.