Christian woman and brother-in-law gunned down at Hawkes Bay, Karachi
A woman and her brother-in-law were gunned down at the Hawkesbay beach, the Mauripur police said on Sunday.

Jacinta Robin, 25, her brother-in-law Benedict Taj, 25, and their other family members were picnicking at the Hawkesbay beach, where they had rented a hut.

The family occupied a seaside hut as they intended to spend the day at the sea side. Whilst the away day progressed, some boys drew near the Christian girls with an intention to harass them. Seeing the gravity of matter, Benedict Taj tried to shun those boys by saying, “leave them alone to enjoying their picnic.”

In retaliation, the boys started quarrelling with Benedict deliberately igniting the clash as they saw “Cross” in one of the family members’ neck chain. Malevolent gang started to abuse the affected family saying, “you are infidels and polluting water of sea where Muslims are bathing.” After an episode of irrelevant dispute, they withdrew for some time. After a while they approached the family with guns warning them sternly to stay away from the water, additionally they ordered them to leave the seaside immediately without gathering their belongings which they had kept in the hut.

In the presence of multitude, they shot dead Benedict Taj and Jacinta Robin whereas some others were injured when the Christian family refused to obey them. The police arrived at the scene shortly after the incident and found dead bodies of two which were transported to a hospital for postmortem and further investigative dealings while an FIR against the culprits has not been filed yet by the police despite the presence of clear and substantial proof.

The murderers are now harassing the affected family not to proceed further against them; and withdraw complain against them or else they will have to face severe consequences.
Sunny Gill Karachi