Islamabad Pakistan (Shamim Masih): Christian’s community in Pakistan in the village Check No – 31/10-R near Khanewal, Multan (southern Punjab) under attack by an angry Muslim mob on April 26, 2013, following the personal enmity. A similar situation developed like of Joseph Colony, Lahore, Christian families have evacuated the village as the Muslims have threatened to burn the village.

Within the period of 48 days, its third episode attack on Pakistani Christians, on March 9, 2013, houses of the Joseph Colony burned down and property destroyed; on April 3, 2013, Christians of Francis Abad, Gujranwala were attacked and now to this village. It is another episode of the sort of sectarian violence eating away at the Pakistani state.

According to Joseph Francis, chief of CLAAS, Pakistani Christian village turned into a battlefield where armed groups were seen exchanging gunfire with each other, left one died and two injured. Personal rivalry turned to religious violence, when angry Muslim mob attacked on Christians houses, they exchange the gunfire. Injured were taken to the hospital and police reached on the spot immediately to control the situation. CLAAS team has set their journey to the village, added CLASS chief.

Lazarus Allah Rakha and Rana Adnan, representatives of World Vision in Progress told that gunfire exchange started when Christians were attacked and one of them named Samuel was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. Angry Christian family started firing which resulted one died and one injured. First Investigation Report – FIR has been registered against the culprits in the local police station, Kacha Khooh, Khaniwal. Mohammad Yousaf died on the spot and FIR is registered against Albert s/o Nathaniel, Samuel s/o Albert, Amir s/o David, and Asif s/o Emmanuel, added WVIP representatives. More than 20 people were arrested from the both parties, Lazarus added.

When I was writing the story, police and rangers has taken control of the villages to avoid the serious consequence, realizing the sensitivity of the matter.