My Name is Shazab Habib Bhatti, I am 30 years old and belong to Pakistani Christian family. I am living in France and facing asylum system.
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that was the great privilege to attend the meeting in EU on 14th May 2013 in European Parliment in Bruselss . The agenda of this meeting was to put eye on the Election 2013 in Pakistan and in the light of new situation in Pakistan to make new policy for Pakistan by EU.
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there were many EU members, ambassadors ,policy advisors, journalistsand diplomats were participating in this session . Many issues was discussed relating on this recent election in Pakistan. Some people were complaining for rigging in this election. Some raised question on transparency and the system of polling booth. drone attacks and talibanisation was also the part in discussion. surprisingly,the role of minorities in this election was not the part of this discussion.
I am grateful to my GOD who gave me this opportunity to raise my voice for my helpless and poor people on this great platform. I am very thank full to the organisers , who provide me this huge forum for raised the voice of my vulnerable and voice less people . I was the only Pakistani Christian in this meeting.
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I am very happy to be a represent of my Pakistani Christian community in European Union. This is great houner for me . I riase my voice and told them that Shanti Nagar, Sahival, Korian village, Gojra incident, Badami Bagh, Joseph Colony these all incidents occured during his ruling in Punjab. And responsible of Gojra incident Mr Abdul Qadeer was the member of PML N. We need Election not the Selection. There is no room for Christian in Pakistani Politics. Selection but not election system for minorities in Pakistan destroying the rights of Christians ,and using Christians leaders like puppet. When any Christian member of Parliment want to do some thing for community they kickout him from the election system .,For example when Mr.Tahir Naveed (ex- member of provincial assembly ) also Advocate , when he fought for the case of Rimsha , 11 years old girl , accused in Blasphemy for burning the Quran .Govt dont like him and they kick out him from this election .
We are peaceful community in Pakistan, We have no choice but hope that this new Govt of PML-N provide protection and equal rights to all minorities of pakistan .