Sheikhupura, Pakistan: June 18, 2013. (PCP) The Voice, a Christian human rights orgnization in Pakistan reports that there team was approached by the family of Parveen Bibi daughter of Kalu Masih residents ofMirzapur, Manawala Village; district Sheikhupura, about the illegal and illegitimate acts of sexual harassment from the sons of the Landlords of the Village named Rana Saeed mainlyagainst the Christian women of the Village.

A team of The Voice Society reached the village on 8th of June 2013 at about 10:00am in the morning and met the family and few neighbors. They told us that Rana Saeed is a rich man andalways have bad sight for the Christian girls. He always along with his fellows uses to harass the Christian girls and develop illegitimate relations with them forcefully. He use to abduct the Christian girls and women forcefully and keep them in his illegal confinement for as long as he wants and then leave them after satisfying his lust.

This time he have a bad eye on Parveen bibi and he demands from the family to leave Parveen in his custody for three days. Whereas parveen is getting married on Sunday 15th June. Rana Saeed have terms in police and as well as in the political parties.Amir Masih s/o Mushtaq Masih told the Voice that he is the first cousin of Parveen bibi, he saw Rana Saeed harassing and trying to kidnap his cousin sister Parveen on 6th June of when she was going to the tube well to wash the clothes. Rana was on his motor bike along with one of his friend and he stopped Parveen when she was going on tube well along with her sister in law to wash the clothes. Rana threatened her and forced her to sit on his motor bike. He said, I want to stay with me for three days and then I will let you go. Parveen tried to escape but Rana stopped her and pulled her, so her clothes were torn and she became half naked. Rana said you are a beautiful woman I will make you happy. Amir said I could not bear all this, I tried to interrupt but Rana started firing bullets in the air and left saying that I will fulfill my wish at any cost, it is better for you to stay away from my matter or you will be killed.

Kalu Masih Father of Parveen bibi told The Voice crying that,” I am a poor man, I have three children, two daughters and a boy. I want justice, is it a crime to live a respectful life. My elder daughter is married and so is my son. He is having two children and I don’t want to see him in trouble as well. Police is not listening to us, Rana is practicing this humiliation upon Christians from so many years. We are only three Christian houses in this whole village and we are all suffering pain, and humiliation. We do not work for the Muslims here. We use to work in the city, and our women are all alone in the house/village when we are out in city. They go to the tube well to wash the clothes because of load shedding. We have no light and therefore do not have enough water to do everything at home, so our women go out at tube well to wash the clothes. In such circumstances Who will protect us? Who will protect our respect and dignity? Rana and Muslim people like him in the village rape our daughters and we are unable to speak because of the life threats. Now my younger daughter Parveen is 24 years old and going to get married on this Sunday i.e. 15th june, but Rana and his friends threatened us that they will take my daughter for three days before marriage. He pleaded for help from God as well as from the Voice.Iqbal Bibi another Christian resident of the same village told the Voice that her daughter Najma was also abducted by Rana and he kept her for three years and during that time he kept on sexually exploiting her and raped her forcefully. We tried our best, we went to his family members, and other respectable Muslim people of the village but nobody helped us. Even the police did not listen to us. Instead of helping us police and his family members threatened us that they will kill all men of our family if we ever tried to raise hue and cry. “we will leave her when we feel like” Than after three years he released my daughter Najma. No body helped us and nobody came to save us. So it is a very common practice here, Rana will do whatever he wants and nobody will protect Parveen, because Rana have strong connections and he is very rich.

The Voice team went to the police station and met the SHO who refused to register an FIR saying that there is no such incident happened. The Voice team than approached DIG (Deputy Inspector General) of Punjab and brought the situation in his knowledge. He ordered an immediate action and orders to register an FIR against Rana Saeed and Yasir his friend. The police lodged an FIR numbered 171/13 under section 365 B/ 511 Pakistan Penal Code upon The Voice’s efforts and arrested Yasir, co-accused of the case. Whereas Rana succeeded to get the pre-arrest bail (bail before arrest) .

The voice also got the security for Parveen bibi from DIG’s office on the day of her marriage which was on 15th June. Thank God every thing went well and Rana couldn’t do anything. Parveen got married now and is safe, but the animal named Rana was still on bail, which was pending for 17th of july. By the grace of God the Voice lawyers contested the bail and the bail application was dismissed by the additional sessions Judge Sheikhupura on 17th June, but unfortunately Rana Saeed was escaped from the court room and was not arrested.The Voice teams is pursuing this case very keenly and hope that whenever he will go to the High Court he will be arrested and punished for his deplorable and Heinous offence. Please pray for the affected family, and all such women that are suffering by the hands of Evil like Rana. Please pray for the Voice team as well so that God keeps on helping us and we keep on helping his people, sons and daughters