Minority Christians in Iraq feared more violence Saturday, June 29, after several Assyrian Christian shops and one church were attacked, killing two people and injuring a dozen others, church representatives said.

The attacks began early Tuesday, June 15, when gunmen wounded two guards outside the St. Mary Assyrian Church in east Baghdad, according to local Christians and the Interior Ministry.

Reverend Martin David of the church said the armed men attacked security guards around 2 a.m. local time, injuring 31-year-old Yakoob Zabook “in the stomach” and hitting Raad Mekha, 26, “in the leg”.

One guard reportedly remained in hospital but was in stable condition Saturday, June 29.

Also this week, three Assyrian-owned businesses were bombed in Baghdad’s Karada district including the large Warda Store on Alkarada street where Ashur Yonan, an Assyrian, and a Muslim employee were killed, Assyrian church sources said.

Witnesses said they had seen several people injured and video footage confirmed the store was destroyed. The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) said besides the Warda Store another Assyrian shop, Mariana, was attacked in the area, though there were no immediate reports of injuries.