RiazA 6o years old Riaz Masih father of Adnan Masih 20 years old Resident of Shahrkpure Sharif District Shikhupura was killed by Punjab police without any written complaint against them. Police write an FIR NO:332/13.on 10/6/13. Police Involved (7) people from family of Adnan. Riaz Masih, Kaniz Bibi his mother, Billo Masih his brother, Nailla his sister, Barkat Masih, Uncle, Arshad Soroya, cousin, Zaheer Babar, cousin.

On 30th May early in the morning Nusrat bibi neighbor of Adnan Masih came and met to Adnan’s mother and asking her about her married daughter Asma D/o, Tariq Nawab Deen, Nabi Pura Sharkpur Sharif who left her husband home and went with Adnan.

Adnan was sleeping when her mother called him and asking about Asma, Which he refused but Asma’s mother was insisting about the sexual relation and love affair with him. Adnan denied all blames and involvement, and he disclosed the relation of Asma’s with his electrical Master Muhammad Imran who is also living at same area but Adnan is working as assistant. At the same day Constable came to Adnan home and asking him about Asma’s disappearance from home, But Asma who were married 4 months latter no one know’ her surprised leaving.

On 2nd of June Ch. Barkat Masih who is well known respected Christian person took Adnan Masih and his father to present him at police station to prove his innocence.

S H O Riaz Ud- Deen requested to Adnan’s father for two day polite investigation and paper work. Ch. Barkat and Riaz Masih were agreed on that deal.

On 9th of June 2013 local MPA Ch. Asgar Ali Munda visited to police station and asking the recovery of missing Muslim girl, at that time he also called Muhammad Imran on his personal guarantee. During his stays at police station he declared that Muhammad Imran is innocent.

10th of June at morning time when Adnan’s Aunt went to police station with break fast to see his nephew. But Adnan was not in sense nor able to walk. He shared his pain with sorrow ‘That all the night 4 to 6 police officers were tortured him as well as abusing me that why I build relation with Muslim girl. We will teach you lesson that next time any chora will not try to build relations with Muslims. We are faithful and have Holy book of Allah, What you have? Today we will make an example for your dirty Christian. Then they fixed jack’ Third degree torture. During the torture the offered Adnan to change his faith then he will be released. He also told that I am not able to walk and to talk even not able to eat. My some teeth were moved out I am suffering with pain. Please do some thing for me.’ They planned to kill me. His Aunt was scared and went to home to inform his condition. At after noon when his father Riaz Masih and his cousin Ashar Masih came to Police station but they were not permitted. At evening time police announce his death due to suicide attempted. It is true that Adnan Masih was died under the custody of police with inhuman way of torture, Illegal custody,

The poor Riaz Masih asking justice, who will make it possible????

Pakistan has ratified the U N Convention against torture and other degrading treatment or punishment, cruel, inhuman way of torture in June 2010. But the 1300 police station all over the country are involved in torture activities at each person. So it means that 1300 people were tortured by police every day. The Police are always using different ways of torture, EXP, providing dirty water, abusing, asking bribe, many times victims are died under the custody of police, Its is surprised that in constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan hasn’t any law against torture in police custody. So all victims or criminals either they are not punished in any case always depend at investigation officer to declare him guilty or innocent.

Sexual violence is reported by up to 70% of women in police custody, along with violation of basic human rights.

There is proper independent investigation system to investigate modern and forensic method in criminal justice system.

Thank you very Much.

Khalid Shahzad
Bureau Chief Ravi news and Dhome t v news.