Dear Sardar Mushtaq M.Gill,

Blessings in Jesus Name!


This is me Saman, from Quetta. I really appreciate ur services provided to Christian Community freely. May God bless. I wanted to discuss my case with you in short. and i need your help. Please go through the content mentioned down and also see the attached material.

I am working in National Bank since 1996. Presently I am serving in the same as officer.My reputation in my Bank is very good. Im very gentle hard working lady bank officer. My present Boss Mr. Kaleem ullah Sheikh alongwith General Manager Abdul majeed umrani got personalized/victimized and threaten me. Due to some of the personal desires and wishes of both these executives best known to them I have been put in fix through unnecessary transfer postings, unnecessary issuance of explanation/Memos, non Issuance of sanction of sick leave and hospitalization permission, stoppage of salary, un-satisfactory annual appraisal 2012. and so on. In other words they completely ruined my banking career. I reported their Activities to the President of National bank of Pakistan and the P.M and President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The orders of secret inquiry by the intelligence (IB) has been initiated upon the directives of the PM and President of Pakistan Secretariat. The IB has reported the factual position of both these executives and the reported in my favour. Whereas the inquiry conducted by the National Bank’s executive was distorted and we could say that transparency neglected. The inquiry officer of NBP asked me to compromise with the executives. I provided him complete documentary evidence. but all invain. Presently Im mentally tortured. Please speak to me on urgent basis to get justice