Christian couple arrested in Gojra in blasphemy case
By – Shamim Masih

ISLAMABAD: Sajjad Masih accused of blasphemy case reportedly sent to jail for life imprisonment, hardly a week back. Yet another blasphemy case is registered against a Christian couple in Gojra city of a Punjab province.

According to the sources, Shafaqat Masih 35, and his wife Shagufta Bibi were arrested so far under alleged of blasphemy case but the First Investigation Report (FIR) No. 407/13 is registered under 295-B, C PPC against anonymous today in Gojra City.

Gojra is religiously sensitive, having witnessed massive attacks on Christians triggered by reports of desecration of Holy Quraan. Eight family members were burnt alive and about forty houses and a Church were set ablaze by a mob in August, 2009. Now again it seems that it is under threat.

The petitioner Rana Mohammad Fiaz said that blasphemous text was sent to him from a mobile number. Police found the SIM card and arrested the couple.

Ms. Shagufta is lady worker at the local school and taking care of her two teens and her husband is crippled.

As soon as I heard the incident, I requested World Vision in Progress – WVIP to reach there at once to take care of the kids. On my humble request, WVIP management has sent its official to look into the matter.

Basharat Khokhar, activist in Rimsha case has condemned the incident and urged the administration to take the preventive measures accordingly.

The local administration has taken a sensitive issue seriously, the administrative told