03 August it was so tense in Chak 38 Mian Chanu near Sahiwal where Muslims were ready to attack on Christian due to the Quranic Pages at the Christian Grave Yard.
Late Wazirra Masih was Hakim and Magician where Muslims always pleases to come to resolved their problems with Noori (Spiritual) way of treatment. After his death his dead body led in to local grave yard. Yesterday some Muslims took green sheet with Quranic versus and spread at his grave with torn quran and announced to the Muslims.
The Muslims were gathered and made a plan to attacked at the resident Christian in Chak 38/12,L. Mian Channu.
Master Sadiq and Master Anwar called Christian Rights activist Khalid Shahzad whom immediately contact to Investigation officer Tariq Mughal Sadar Police station and arrange meeting with D S P along with Nambardar Zulfiqar.
The both D S P and Nambardar Zulifqar played their positive role and protect Christian and they made a committee of 10 people who will found the 3rd person who try to build high tension against Christians and Muslims. Police controlled the Sheet and torn pages of Quran and started investigation. Please pray for our community for their safety and security.
Khalid Shahzad
Director, Vice Chairman and Bureau Chief Ravi News
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