Sunny Gill prominent Christian journalist/documentary photographer for many national and international news & online post etc.
Sunny gill was constantly getting life threats since he is working for Christians in Pakistan but on 5th of august 2013 while he was coming back to his house an unknown extremist on motor bike stopped him and harass him pointed pistol on him , and warned him that they will kill him if he didn’t stop this work they also said because of your one report our friend got prison lucky a police squad moving from shara-e-faisal safe him from those extremist , Gill also launched complaint in police station , Sunny Gill is catholic and prominent Journalist in Pakistan he has worked for many international Ngo’s on Christians issues in Pakistan and also worked with international journalist and films makers , he filmed many documentaries for Ngo’s Tv Channels etc he also write articles for many post, social network .
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On 5th of august 2013 he was threaten directly and his other journalist friends and some Ngo’s suggest him to leave Pakistan , in past time he changed his place also because of threats and also change city in 2012 , but after some time he came back to his city and for few days it stopped but again in month of June he receive threat on paper slip
His family is still in Pakistan he is worried about his family .He escape from Pakistan because of this fear
Sunny Gill is now out from Pakistan and looking for help