Put your mouth, where your money is
Mr. Obama, Don’t adjoin sufferings for Pakistani Christian, please!
By ShamimMasih
ISLAMABAD: President Barack Obama stunned the Muslim world with his declaration that he would wage war and has asked Congress for authorization of punitive limited military strike against the Syrian government in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack.
Earlier in 2003, U. S. invaded with “coalition of the willing” of 48 nations to overthrow Saddam Hussain. As many as 160, 000 U. S. troops were in Iraq at the peak of the war and all forces withdrew in December 2011 as required under a security agreement between Iraq and the U. S. This war was based on false intelligence information. Again in 2001 in Afghanistan they invaded as part of NATO mission after as retaliation for 9/11.
There are currently about 100, 000 troops from 48 countries in Afghanistan with the U. S. – led International Security Assistance Force-ISAF, 60, 000 of the American. By the end of this year, the NATO force will be halved, and all foreign combat troops are likely to leave by the end of next year.
It is observed that whenever the U S or the European takes any step against any Islamic country; Pakistani Christians become the soft target of anti-American sentiment. U. S. government takes these steps in their vested interest with no cognizance to the sufferings of Pakistani Christians. Pakistani Christians have neither anything to do with it nor behold the US policy of global domination. There are many examples but the one below should suffice:
A mob of hundreds of Muslim men attacked and burnt an 82-years old church and an adjoining school in Mardan city – northwest Pakistan during a protest against an anti-Islam film, sparking among the minority Christian community. The ransacking and vandalizing of places of worship in retaliation for the film “amounted to playing into the hands” of those who produced the anti-Islam movie.
Pakistani Christians are already facing many discriminatory laws and have been leading miserable life as second class citizen in the country.Most often, life of a common Christian in Pakistan is spent in dribs and drabs in the slum areas. And life of the slum settler is perhaps the most heart-wrenching thing that I have ever encountered……. You will never encounter poverty like this – streets flowing with open sewage, garbage rotting everywhere. Dozens of the family members are living in single room. There is no welfare system; US policies add to these sufferings. Every Pakistani knows that majority of Christians are among the most downtrodden and vulnerable people in Pakistan. At large they are subjected to discriminatory laws, despicable blasphemy allegations and social quarantine. Many have been killed or put in jail and their houses and worship places ransacked or turned to ashes. But we have not heard a single word from the U. S. president in favor of these poor Pakistani Christians. On the other hand all USAID and UKAID funds are for Muslims, all visas are granted to Muslims but not for a common Christians.But sufferings come from their end. Why? I have personally applied for visa in 2010 being a representative of People to People International but was denied but Muslim guys were granted visas on the same platform. Later PTPI revoked Islamabad Chapter Charter mentioning the said reason. Are these the favors U. S. government and its organizations extend to Pakistani Christians? The same Muslim guy is enjoying bounty from the said organization.
We being Christians do not ask any benefits from the West. Bur we are also the easy fodder that falls victim to revenge. Pakistani Christians do not have media platform (TV or Radio Station or nationwide daily paper) to highlight/raise their issues. It is reported that some foreign church is supporting Pastor Anwar Fazal to run TV station, which reportedly show off his family members only. It is also reported that grandson of Dr. Billy Graham has been supporting one Pakistani Christian social activist, who uses the funds for his personal benefits and not for Christians. Ninety per cent of his employees are Non-Christians. This is how U S people are helping Pakistani Christians, and if some are being entitled, they use funds for their own sake. Many Christian students can’t attend school/college because they can’t pay dues. During the last months, I wrote that many Christian’s students were being expelled from their schools due to non-payment of their school fee. None of the international organization has taken initiative to set up school/college/university for Christian students. Should I ask USAID; how many scholarships were given to Christian students? How many Christian’s staff are there in USAID/UN or US embassies?
I am sure; if U. S. attacks on Syria, aggression will rise in Pakistan and no doubt Pakistani Christian will have to face. We are Pakistani and love Pakistan. Many Hindu families have migrated to India as they were persecuted in Pakistan. But there is no door open for Pakistani Christians especially when visas are denied. It is humbly requested to U. S. president to think for a while before taking this step or give assurance that we will be protected in Pakistan.