International Peace day.

Human Rights are the basic manners of a civilised society. No torture, no slavery and no discrimination are just some of the Rights we should all have. An uncivilized society would lack these rights.

Do these rights exist within the society you live in?

In places where these simple rights exist, that society can be called a civilized society. Where these rights don’t exist, that society can be labelled a barbaric society.

Look around. Do you see people who have a fear of being harmed or abused?

Where FEAR is present, PEACE is absent.

Fear can be present in relationships. Husbands may fear wives, parents may fear kids. Relationships between sisters and brothers, teachers and students, bosses and employees may be imbued with fear. We may also find ourselves in situations outside the home, where we fear someone like the police, the lawyer, the bank manager or the electricity supplier.

Those individuals who use Fear as a weapon to control others, are people who lack character and are insecure themselves. They therefore resort to barbaric ways of using fear and force to achieve their aims.

A civilized person brings about agreement with others by discussion and exchange of ideas. He or She realizes that the use of fear and force will not resolve problems. It will only achieve damage in the long-term.

You may ask then is PEACE possible in this world, in homes, offices and in our society?

The truth is that there actually exist societies on earth, in remote and far off places, that live in peace. They have not had violence for years in homes or in the streets.

Can you imagine no person shouting at another? Never being hit, pushed, slapped or beaten? It seems unimaginable in today’s day and age.

How can we create a society of peace? Well, the most successful action in such societies is that they simply disagree with the idea of using force or violence on another human being.

In a society known by the name of Ifaluk, they look down and show disrespect to those who use physical force on another human being. Here they care more for the well-being of the people and the values in society than their own personal interests. The ungenerous person is disliked by others as much as a hot-tempered person in the Ifaluk society.

Life in Ifaluk is not directed at self-interest or ownership of material wealth. It is about being together, surviving happily and living a life of compassion and care for others. People here do not believe in smacking children. According to them it makes the children crazy. Women and men have defined roles and they show respect to each other. Sharing is part of life. Movies of violence are not shown. People show horror towards acts of violence of any kind. They speak highly of acts of kindness and spread news of such to everyone.

Peace is therefore possible. We should all aim for it. When Human Rights are enjoyed by all, we know there is peace.

With the International Day of Peace coming, we salute all those who set an example of peace in the home, school, workplace and in society.

Khalid Shahzad.

Director. Dorothea center for special children
Vice Chairman Punjab.
National Peace committee for Interfaith Harmony.