Holland september 22, 2013 (PCP) Parvez Iqbal, president, Pakistan Christian Congress Holland Chapter has strongly condemn the deadly attack of suicide bomber in Kohati gate church in Peshawar City of Pakistan, where two suicide bombers crashed all security measures and blow with heavy bomb device at the entrance of Church when follower of Jesus Christ were coming out after offering Sunday prayers and more than 100 innocent lost their lives and love ones in this brutal attack of 2 suicide bombers left every where blood stains and pieces of bodies of innocent Christians a nation of peace and Love. More than 200 are taken to hospital for treatment and many are in critical condition belongs to.

This is a most highest security laps and negligence of both the Federal and Provincial Government’s all assurances and promises of due arrangements are made to protection of minorities and their worship places.

Parvez Iqbal, has sorrowfully shared his grieves and a message of condolences to his brothers and sister in Peshawar, indeed this a historic and ir-repairable loss to the Christian Nation in Pakistan. We are with you all in this tough time. I agree Only condolences and condemnations of such incidents are not enough, Government as whole and every one in person has to stand up to avoid future incidents.
Special arrangements for peaceful burial of those lost their lives be assured and instruction be issued to the Hospitals for best treatment of injured of this incident demanded Parvez Iqbal as primary stage of this incident.