Adnan Masih S/o, Rahmat Masih of Town Ship committed Blasphemy, The FIR launched against him in PS Town Ship Lahore. According to our joint investigation with wvip ‘That Mushtaq Masih has opened glass shop at Collage road Township Lahore and appointed Adnan Masih, Irfan Masih and Muhammad Abid as worker.Many Times they were debating on religious matter and try to attract to true religion Muhammad Abid was Keeping Holy Quran in the Shop and reading before starting his work, 3 days later Irfan Masih pushed to Adnan to write some derogatory Remarks at the Holy Quran. Police arrested Mushtaq Masih but Adnan and Iran left shop and ran away.

Facts. The Ilyas Masih brother of Mushtaq Masih running his own organization in township Lahore and not cooperating with police. Police. is willing to give save side to nominated Mushtaq Masih for the condition to hand over Adnan Masih and Irfan Masih Police fulfilling his responsibilities to control law and order, but the family of Mushtaq are waiting for some one or some other huge issue.

FIR. The FIR NO is 675/13 was nominated to Adnan Masi, Irfan Masih and Mushtaq Masih.