Delegation of the Pakistani Dutch Christian Community is again going to present a petition to the Dutch parliamentarian Mr. Joël Voordewind. This delegation is consisting of Mr. Watson Gill, Pastor Nadeem Din, Mr. Abid Shakeel, Mr. Sajid Bhatti, Mr. Bert ten Broek ( Interreligieus) and Mr. Saeed , Mr Ari van buure ( Global Council of United Religions Initiative)
The meeting is taking place in Dutch Parliament on 11th of December at 14.20 hour in Plein 2, Den Haag.

The petition is about the Pakistani Christians asylum seekers. The whole world knows that Christians are not free (enough) in Pakistan. In the last five years more than twelve Christian colonies were destroyed. The kidnapping of hundreds of Christian girls and converting to Islam with force is still continuing at fast rate. The Christians are being frightened under (the name of) blasphemy law. If some Christian families are succeeded in getting out of Pakistan they are not given any shelter in Europe which is injustice with them.
We, the Christians living in the Netherlands, humbly request to the Dutch government to accept the applications of the Pakistani Christians asylum seekers. They should be given permission to live in the Netherlands and those who are left behind under the open sky without any support should be called back to the camps. Their cases should be heard softly and if it is proved that they are Pakistani Christians then they should be granted permission to live in the Netherlands.
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Mr. Watson Gill
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