Ceremony award to be held in The living stone urdu church in Rotterdam.

Our correspondent Reporter.

The living stone urdu church in Rotterdam will organize a ceremony award for Iqra Nadeem, writer of the book “Christian Muslim dialogue and Pakistan’s blasphemy law”.

Iqra Nadeem is a catholic young lady and an activist, campaigning for rights of christians in Pakistan. As a consequence she suffered a lot and was given death threats by some extremist elements in Pakistan.

Human rights wing urdu church has planned to give an award on 10 december (The human rights day) in the recognition of this young lady’s efforts.This award is going to be given by Pastor K Din Nadeem.Watson Gill and Johan bhatti will also adress the award ceremony.

Another seminar is scheduled on 13th December this year. It is also based on her book and aims to protect and support the people who are dedicated to fight for the rights of Christians and other minorities in Pakistan. The main theme of the seminar is to address the sufferings of the Christians minority in Pakistan and to discuss ideas to eradicate the misunderstandings and confusion between Muslim and Christian Communities in Pakistan and to create a sphere of harmony and tolerance.

Many participants from various walks of life are expected to join the seminar. Among them are representatives of human rights organization, Amnesty International, refugee organizations, politicians, other intellectuals , writers and poets.

Main participants who would discussed the content of the upcomming seminar would be Mr. Anne Verzijl (Human Right Activist), Mr.Dwight P. Isebia (Law Expert and Philanthropist), Mr Bart ten Broek, Arri van buuren,(URI), hans dijk (Amnesty International). An award will also be given to Iqra Nadeem to appreciate her book.