Fatwa Factory

Written by: Nimra Waheed

The Islamic Scholars of Pakistan issue Fatwa’s (Islamic Jurisprudence) to get cheap publicity. In Pakistan, it is a normal practice to target minorities by issuing Fatwa against them. So many innocent people have fallen victim to this practice, which is destroying the values of humanity in Pakistan.The victims of these tactics are generally campaigners of “ Human Rights”.Maulanas issue Fatwa by misusing the Blasphemy Laws on those ,who bear the power to stand against injustice and support their community. Salmaan Taseer ,Governor of Punjab, Pakistan, who was shot dead by his body Guard Malik Mumtaz Qadri and Shahbaz Bhatti, the federal minister of minority affairs , who was killed by extremists, are some examples of it.

Asia bibi, Rimsha Masih or Iqra Nadeem are such campaigners fallen victim to these extremists.

Unfortunately, no province and no year is left in Pakistan , in which minorities were not targeted. Mostly it is done by the false blasphemy cases, Which results incidents like Gojra Village,Joseph colony Lahore and the recent attack on a church in Peshawar.The question is why these Maulanas are not focusing on other issuse like social injustices? or to promote peace, love, harmony among the Christans and Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace. If we go back in history ,we will see many examples that people were pardoned for speaking against Islam. The Message of Islam is to be tolerant and peaceful .It is a strange coincidence that the majority of the Muslims in Pakistan belong to Hanafi school of thought. Imam Abu Hanifa, a master intellectual indeed, proposed the notion that if we see in a person one evidence of belief and ninety nine evidences of disbelief ,we will give weight to that one percent of belief and not give fatwa of disbelief against that person.

As they say “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, so are the Maulanas and preacher of these days. They have to stop producing fatwa’s in their fatwa factories and start doing some real work carrying some substance and value for the masses.