Iqra Nadeem, Pakistani writer/activist received
an award on occassion of Human rights day
The Hauge:15 Dec 2013

(our Correspondent Reporter)

A discussion forum on Pakistani Writer/activist Iqra Nadeem’s book “Christian Muslim Dialogue and Pakistan’s Blasphemy law” was held On 13 Dec 2013 in Den Haag Netherland,Ms Iqra Nadeem wrote this book last year in 2012. She is a graduate from Lahore with literature, and Media Studies. She performed various social plays on theater during her college life as well.Human rights
organisations in the Netherland decided to honour the efforts of this young lady on social justice and human rights by presenting her an award on the ocassion of Human rights day 2013.
This program was organised by Interculturele Progressieve Stichting (IPS) and supported URI (United Religions Initiative),Nederland , The Program started in the evening. Mr Bart ten broek
welcomed the audience and stage secretory, Mr Anne Verzijl, invited the participants for the discussion. Ms. Iqra nadeem first gave her speech on this day and then participated in the discussion forum on her book.
She said in her discussion with the panel and audience that “christian muslim dialogue is very neccessary at the present time, we should find a platform where we can discuss the issues
between christian muslim relations, so that the christian problems in Pakistan can get resolved.”Mr Watsson Gill spoke about injustice with the christians in Pakistan and that the blasphemy law is being miused”Ari Van Buren said that we have to bring people from different religions
toghether. URI is active in this regard.
Eidert Mulder highlighted a fact that “in Europe muslims have freedom to build mosques but why muslim countries especially Saudi Arabia does not allow christians to build churches there?”
There were people from different school of thought, present on this event, as well as amnesty international, journalists,poets and intellectuals. Mr Dwight invited the panel, Ari van Buren (president of URI)on stage, journalist of Trouw (Dutch news paper) Ms Iqra Nadeem(writer of the book) and Mr. Watson Gill(Human rights activist), for the Discussion forum and Ari van buuren presented awards to the participants for their services including Anne Verzijl(human rights activist), Mr Bart ten Broek (community services), Rev Nadeem K Din (community services), Mr Watson Gill ( Human Rights activities).
Mr Dwight moderated the program with his hosting skills. Audiences raised their questions and the panel answered and discussed the important points. Arabic music was perfomed by Sattar Alsaadi , and famous Poets Muhsin Alsarraj and Harry Zevenbergen recited their poetry on the ocassion of human rights day.