All the Associations of Pakistani Christians resident in Italy, during the Week of Christian Unity, have organized a Round Table to discuss Blasphemy laws and the added clause of death penalty in Pakistan as the only possible punishment recommended by the Federal Shariat Court. The roundtable is to be held on January 21, 2014 at The Convent of Jesus and Mary, Via del Corso 45, Rome. Participants will include Sara Fumagalli (Honorary President, Association of Pakistani Christians in Italy) Sarwar Bhatti (President, Pakistan Christian Orient Organization). The two sessions will be chaired by Stefano De Martis, Director TG2000 and Enzo Romeo, Director for Foreign Affairs of the State Tv Rai (Tg2). The topics under discussion and speakers are as follows;

First Session:

Fr Albert Nadeem Yaqoob (OAD)
Pakistani Christians are co-founders of Pakistan
Marta Petrosillo (Association of Pakistani Christians in Italy)
The blasphemy law and its abuse

Cesare Mirabelli (Former President of the Constitutional Court)
Freedom of religion and international protection

Adan Farhaj (All Pakistan Christian League – Oversees Coordinator)
Pakistani Christians abroad and the future of Christians in Pakistan

Jeem Phey Ghouri (Chairperson; SACWA, SAMA)
The law of blasphemy: An intellectual perspective

Luca Volonte (Novae Terrae) Liberation of Asia Bibi

Shahid Mobeen ( Pontifical Lateran University )
Death sentence for the illiterate

Second Session:

Enzo Romeo (Head of Foreign Affairs Editor – Rai TG2 )

Mr Luigi Bobba , ( Democratic Party )

Hon Helen Centemero (Forza Italy )

Hon Massimiliano Fedriga , (Lega Nord )

Hon Eugenia Roscella ( New Center Right)

Hon Mariastella Gelmini, (Forza Italy )
Attilio Tamburini ( Observatory for the religious freedom of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Rome

Luisa Santolini (Italy- Pakistan ISIAMED )

Pakistani Christians in Italy , the All Pakistan Minority Alliance – Italian Section , Pakistan Orient Christian Organization, All Pakistan Christian League – Section overseas , South Asian Minorities Association and South Asian Christian Writers Association .