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Petition by
Rev. Father Andrew Nisari

Lahore, Pakistan

The International Community, United Nations, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan and the Punjab Government. Saint Francis High School, Anarkali, Lahore was established in 1842. It served the people of the subcontinent and after the foundation of Pakistan in 1947. This School served our beloved nation and many students received good standard education and discipline of life and are serving the nation. It was a renowned School. The Christians were running the school with commitment and zeal to up lift the nation. Unfortunately, all the private educational institutes were nationalized in 1972 by the Government of Pakistan. With nationalization the standards of the schools dropped down, not only the students, the whole Pakistani nation suffered. Realizing this great damage the Government of Pakistan, in 2004 Denationalized the same educational institutions. By then the school buildings had been ruined and the furniture shattered due to the negligence of the responsible department of education. The Government RETURNED these schools after receiving 6 months advance salaries of the entire staff of the schools.

There were 17 schools of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lahore, out of which 16 schools were returned. Saint Francis High School, Anarkali, Lahore was held due to the greed and male fide intentions of the Land Mafia who want to build shopping mall and plaza. The Church which has served the nation in the field of education and medical is deprived of her services which are to build Pakistan and strengthen the nation to have a bright peaceful future. Therefore, we protest and demand that the Punjab Government return Saint Francis High School, Anarkali, Lahore, to the Church. The Catholic Church has established this school 171 (One Hundred and Seventy One) years ago.

The Land Mafia should not over power the Government and destroy the Nobel cause of educating our children. Therefore, we demand the Punjab Government to leave the unjust occupation of St. Francis High School, Anarkali, Lahore, Pakistan. The illegal occupation also owes the Government to pay the Archdiocese of Lahore the rent of the school building for the last 10 years. Be reminded that the Church has paid 6 months’ advance salaries of the entire staff of the School at the time of denationalization in 2004. St. Francis High School, Anarkali, Lahore is the property of the Catholic Church. The Government instead of safe guarding the rights of the minorities and appriciating our serveses in the field of education has unjustly occupied (Kabzza) the noble Institution of the Christians. We demand that the Punjab Government leave the School building to the Christian cmmunity so that we can resume our services. Fr. Andrew Nisari, Parish Priest, Mary Immaculate Church, Anarkali, Lahore, Pakistan, cell #0092-322-4011894, E-mail