The New hope of light in dark cave for our community , best wishes and good luck ICC, By Watson Gill and GCV,

Exclusive: International Christian Council (‪#‎ICC‬) has released the list of the office holders. ICC was launched on January 17, 2014 in London, England.
Qamar Shams Adv (President)

Javid Iqbal (Senior Vice President) | Naeem Waiz (Vice President) | Michael Massey (Vice President) | Taskeen Khan (Secretary General) | Esther Das (Joint Secretary) | Imran Joseph (Spokesperson) | Kashan Bennett (Chief Organiser) | Rev. Yaqoob Khushi (Secretary Religious Affairs) | Samson Javed (Secretary Information) | John Joseph (Secretary Finance) | Khurram Iftikhar (Secretary Communication & IT) | Sonia Athwal (Secretary Youth Affairs) | Thomas Sahotra (Advisor on Event Management) | Ijaz H James (Advisor on Fundraising)