Love bird seeking sanctuary in US

By – Shamim Masih

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti was gunned down on March 02, 2011 by the extremist group in Islamabad. His followers planned to celebrate his death anniversary on Sunday, March 02 and his love bird (Salma Peter John) shattered her silence and shared a video link showing her unannounced relation with late Shahbaz Bhatti. She said, “Cammy was me and I was Cammy” (Cammy was Shahbaz Bhatti’s nickname). She claimed that she lived with him for fifteen years and so they had happy life but couldn’t manage to marry with Shahbaz Bhatti.

Salma worked as personal assistance – PA to Shahbaz Bhatti when he was Federal Minister for Minority Affairs. And that is what other knows about it……. Close circle of minority minister was very well aware of his activities and thus other knew it as well, but didn’t disclose. On February 15, one of my articles was printed and my family friend wrote me that article was great but I failed to mention Bhatti’s former “PA” fled to Philadelphia and still living off another man supposedly active as leader for Pakistani Christian cause. She mentioned that the big issue is why Christians should trust or respect these who not only deserted their own, but never lived truly Christian life?

The real issue is shame and scam these two brought on Pakistani Christians – but why no one wants to talk on that? If marriage is Biblical standard and even more so strong tradition of Pakistan, how could these “high profile” not be held to the standards? If a man loves and respects you he marries you – otherwise you are just being used. If the Bhatti family would not recognized her as even his partner in politics, much less romance, but want nothing to do with her, why should anyone else give her time of day? And really when all is looked at what did S Bhatti do to improve lives of Pakistani Christians?
From what I hear everyone knew she was S Bhatti’s mistress, kept by him and that’s how she lived there. She is now shifted to US but get no dollars from government until asylum case approved so she gets car for work permit. So how else is she living if not with and off someone else’s support or living on savings from her time shacking up with Shahbaz Bhatti