Report on Double Murder in Rao Khanawala District Kasur:
Reported By,

Aneeqa M. Anthony
Advocate High Court
Coordinator The Voice

Basti Kapt pura, rao Khanawala is a small village in the district Kasur. On 16th of March 2014, Sunday: sources contacted The Voice’s Senior Field Officer Mr. Napolean Qayyum and told him about this painful incidence of brutal double murder of Mst. Parveen Bibi w/o Sadiq Masih and her son named Zulifqar Masih s/o Sadiq Masih aged about 17 years, by Babar Baig s/o Azam Baig and his accomplices. The Voice team comprised of Adv. Aneeqa Maria, Mr. Shahid Anthony and Mr. Napolean Qayyum reached there and met the people from the family. The father Sadiq Masih was severely injured by the culprits and was lying on the bed beside the dead bodies of his family. The survivors include Nargis Bibi, Waqar Masih, Ulfat Bibi and Patras Masih (In Jail) out of seven members of his family.
Bodies of Parveen and Zulfiqar
TVS Team with the Injured Sadiq
Nargis Bibi told The Voice, that her elder brother named Youhana Masih s/o Sadiq masih was murdered by Babar Baig on 19.02.13 and his FIR (First Information Report) No is 67/13, he was murdered because he was an Eye Witness in the Murder of Shoukat Ali s/o Rashid Baig who was murdered by the same Babar Baig and his accomplices. from that time to onwards we have been getting threats from the accused people they also attacked my mother and my brother many times for which Parveen Bibi moved several applications before police from time to time. she moved her first application for security against the threats she received from culprits who attacked her was on 29th June 13 against Masood, Zulfiqar s/o Muhammad Saleem Khan, Raja Mustafa, and one unknown before the Deputy Inspector General of Punjab which was forwarded to the SHO of the Police Station Raja Jang Kasur, secondly she presented an application before SSP(Senior Superintendent of Police) against the threats she and her younger son’s named Zulfiqar were receiving from the accused party but of no use. Then she moved an application before the Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif in January when she received severe threats against her and her family but all in vain. Nobody helped her, no body heard her, and in spite of helping her the police declared the Culprits as innocent in the Case that was lodged against the Murder of two persons named Shoukat Ali and Youhana Masih. the court accepted their bails on the bases of the Investigation conducted by the Police and when the accused released from the Jail they again threatened the famiy of Sadiq Masih, his wife Parveen bibi and her children that we will kill you all when you all are at home. Later with the connivance of Police the accused Babar Baig and others involved the second eldest son of Parveen Bibi named Patras Masih in a false case of Drugs and narcotics and he is still in jail. Then today on 16th March, Babar Baig, Nasir s/o Mustafa and Mehmood Alias Mooda s/o Saleem Khan entered our house forcefully, they broke our main door by firing a burst and entered in our courtyard. they raised a slogan and opened fire on my brother named Zulfiqar who was died on the spot, then they attacked my father Sadiq but mother came and she saved my father and my other youngest brother Waqar. My Father got injured but she pulled him inside the room. Then they said that Mai we are here for you, we told you not to peruse the case against us but you never listened, now you will get the results of what you have done to us. We are going to kill each and every person today in your house and will leave no survivor to peruse the case against us. then they fired a burst on her Chest and she also died at the spot. the neighbors came hearing the gun fires and they escaped saying that we will not leave anyone alive from this family.
Conclusion: The Voice concluded that it is all done with the connivance of the Police, the accused party Babar Baig and others are a strong Gang of Criminals having lots of property and sources, and thus have license to commit crimes against the poor and innocent people especially Christians. The Police is always with the Strong, and the weak always suffers. Parveen knew that she is going to get a hard time by the hands of the Culprits and therefore she was trying to protect her family and Children from the hands of the brutal and malicious people but she was too weak to face the powerful and to fight against the Injustice she was suffering in the from of the Murder of her Eldest son Youhana Masih. The Accused are the record holders in the History of Police, there are a number of FIR’s registered against them in the cases of Murders and life threats. FIRs Number 56/13, 67/13, and 65/14 and 80/14 are evident about the Criminal History of the culprits but how can we find the record of corruption and perpetrator ship of the Police , due to which many homes are ragged and many people are left helpless and unjust.?
Nargis daughter of Parveen with Adv. Aneeqa
The Voice team met the SHO of the Police Station Raja Jhang Mr. Mohammad Akbar and the Investigation Officer of the P.S named Mohammad Sharif, they ensured the Voice team and the affected that they will do every possible effort to ensure the punishment of the Culprits of this case. Now the Police have registered another case against the same culprit’s u/s 302, 324, and 34 of PPC, but how would it help the shattered family to gather up. It will not bring back the innocent murdered Parveen Bibi who died in struggling and hoping to get Justice done for her eldest son, nor it would help the innocent 17 years old Zulfiqar who did not realized the hardships of life fully yet. The Voice will provide all sorts of Legal help and assistance and will make sure that this time at least Justice would prevail. The Voice also will soon file the bail petition for the brother of the shattered family named Patras so that he may be released and take care of his Injured Father and Broken Siblings. Please keep The Voice team in your prayers.
Nargis telling the Incidence and praying for justice