Watson Gill,
The Netherlands
17th March 2014,

It is privileged to announce the meeting was very successful ,regarding Petition for the Christian community of Pakistan who are victims in Thai land, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. The meeting was organized by Mr. Shahid Pervez and Mr.Watson Gill today on 17th March 2014. at 6:00pm European time. Meeting was open with the prayer by pastor Nadeem Din.

All member’s agreed to continue their efforts to get maximum signature’s till the final date, of the manifestation in front of the European Parliament Brussels.
Presence of the all team member’s from different countries. From Belgium, Mr Latif Bhatti MP, Mr Shahid Pervaiz, Pastor Ashraf John, From UK Mr Asif Mall, from Italy Mr Sarwar Bhatti, Mr Chaudhery Tari Gulreiz, Gulraiz Ghauri from German Mr Tariq Javed Randhawa, from France Mr Anjlo, Mr Shazaib Bhatti, from Pakistan Miss Ruth Rukhsana, Pastor James Lavi and from Holland Pastor Nadeem Din, Mr Abid Shakeel, Mr Bobby Bob and Watson Gill

We all are thankful to those who signed on this petition and wish you all good luck for achieve the goal in the name of Jesus Christ .

The team mmbers decide to call next meeting on next Monday 24th of March 2014 at 6:00pm for planing of manifestation in Brussels.

And meeting was closed with the prayer of Pastor John Ashraf.