Visible and engaged – Christian women are breaking into industry

By – Shamim Masih

ISLAMABAD: Research shows women wait to be invited to participate in new opportunities. They think differently than men and this difference can be a powerful source of competitive advantage. By providing women with the necessary experiential entrepreneurial training to leverage women’s unique skills and perspectives for new business creation, we can transform them from employees to employers. Access to employment is a serious problem for Pakistani Christians. Well-educated, young Christian men and women are not able to find employment.
Shumaila Faris
The good news is that there is definitely a push to get girls into the tech arena. When a woman earns an income, she reinvests 90 percent of it in her family, meaning her whole community benefits. With the resources to establish her own business, her children receive better nutrition and improved school access, while other women and their families benefit from the knowledge she shares.
Sharing Life Ministries Pakistan – SLMP program on women empowerment was successfully piloted in the fall of 2011 and provides women with entrepreneurial skills. By providing new skills to the degreed individuals who are interested with necessary training for new business creation, they propose helping to create new technology based company that create the jobs of the future. Sohail Johnson chief of SLMP said that we recognized that not everyone can be an entrepreneur but a key component of the program is the creation of teams that are mentored by an experienced entrepreneur who will capitalize on the individual skill sets of each participant.
Under this skill enhancement program, SLMP had trained more than 980 minority women in recent three years. Kiran Younis, 23, having 8 family members earn some reasonable amount for her family. She had never been to school for her father has low income; since she got training chance at SLMP, she planned to send her young ones to school for education. Mehak Shuakat, 25, joined SLMP two years back and now earning an average income of 5000 per month, supporting her parents.
Schooling in addition to fiscal empowerment brings adjust between completely new generation. We wish that will social rights activist start working upon these types of collections as a substitute losing occasion in addition to methods throughout other pursuits.