By – Shamim Masih

ISLAMABAD: During the tenure of Pakistan Muslim League (N), Joseph Colony was the second incident in province Punjab, earlier a Christian colony in Gojra was set in ablaze and a family was burnt alive. In Joseph colony, there was no causality of the Christian community during this incident but around 200 Christian’s houses, two churches and many shops were burnt with Holy Bible and Holy books of the Christians.

The blasphemy suspect was identified as Sawan Masih 26 years of age. Police took him into custody and sent him on judicial remand. After a year of the case trial, Sawan Masih is reportedly been given the death sentence by the trail judge. What about those; they burnt Bible and holy Books of the Christians?

On March 09, 2013, a highly charged mob of a few thousand Muslims set ablaze around 200 houses, shops and two churches of this more than 50 years old locality over the allegation of blasphemy of Sawan Masih. The violent mob, locals say, asked the Christian community to hand over the accused to them or get ready for the consequences. The mob burned their houses after looting all valuables from almost every house, they said.

Government has given reasonable financial compensation, but the scares are still there. Now Sawan Masih becomes another victim of the blasphemy in the country.

Actually Sawan Masih (accused) and Shahid Imran (complainant) were friends for the last ten years and the complainant used to run his stall in front of the colony. The residents claimed that local influential traders wanted to vacate the colony and turned it into godams (stores) to expand their business.

Furrakh H Saif, chief of World Vision in Progress – WVIP considers it a kangaroo justice with the victims of blasphemy law. He said that judges are biased and are under pressure of Islamists. In its routine order, they will soon award death sentences to Shagufta with her husband Shafaqat and Pastor Adnan, he added.