It is to inform you with heavy heart  that today afternoon Savan Masih a young Christian man victim of blasphemy allegation 295-C has been awarded with death sentence and 200,000 rupees as fine by the learned session court Lahore.


Savan Masih victim of blasphemy resident of Joseph Colony Lahore as we all know about this famous high profiled case in international media and due to this case hundreds of houses were burn down in Joseph Colony Lahore on March 08 2013 a year ago. Savan Masih got arrested by the police after the false accusations charged by a local Muslim who has a barber’s shop and he was one of the closed friends of Savan Masih. After the allegation was made on Savan Masih, Muslims became furious.

In the result they harmed Christian belongings and hundreds of houses were burn. Muslim extremists tried to kick out Christians and wanted to grab this part of Christian property to use it as a factory area. It became a hot issue of the national and international papers and electronic media as well. The Supreme Court of Pakistan also took the notice of the matter and the motive behind this false blasphemy case was clear to everyone that there was nothing to do with blasphemy.