The massage of Easter is not only abundant, it’s also the way of Christian values customs and theology and philosophy.  Jesus Christ was hang out and He asked forgiveness, But today what we are doing?
Our leaves are not according to the way of teaching of Disciples who also persecuted they were never left the land they preached and they also teach eternal life.
Today our Church has many challenges, our church is divided and the church going down by day. The Pastors and the church leaders are looking pride and honors. Member of the church in Pakistan are also divided and can’t understand the policies and salvation of persecution?
Our children don’t have educational opportunities in high level Schools Collages, sports, music, fine arts and making relations as well as developing understanding with non Christians. Our youth is most talented in every field of life but they are just stocked in to church activities not daily life. The youth has no vision and goal for the peace, development and capacity building, Many Christian organization spreading harm by the name of blasphemy laws and persecution and earning money from Christian community by the name of easy access of Asylum in Malaysia, Thailand and Sri lanka.
It is time to educate our children; our youth that they should be a skilled, educated or businessmen then they can play their roll for the development of Pakistan and for the church in Pakistan. It is the Massage of Easter for our Christian community to avoid from the persecution and blasphemy and become peace full citizen in Pakistan.
Khalid Shahzad
Dorothea centre for special children
St, John’s School.
Vice Chairman.
National Peace committee for interfaith harmony.