Khalid Shahzad,
Lahore: 1st May 2014,
(Lahore) 1 May passed without any minorities activities on labor rights many Christians and other minorities were started healthy campaign for their labor rights and spread awareness among community. During that period all Christian MNA’S and MPA’S were selected by the national leading parties as minority representatives. Some of them were selected twice, all were enjoyed with benefits and other facilities provided by govt, These Christian parliamentarians never raise voice for minority rights nor presented any legislation. In this decade Minorities were attacked by Muslims and burnt house, looted precious households burnt alive, All these parliamentarians debated at tv shows but never presented any legislation about labor laws or colonies for sweepers (cleaners)
On the May day the govt officials, mna’s mpa’s and fudal lords are enjoying but the Christian labors they do not have right to have a leave on that day.

97.10% road cleaners and toilet cleaners and dirty drainage cleaners are belong to Christian faith but they do not have freedom of speech, freedom of union, freedom of equal rights, freedom of medical,
‘According new economic foundation UK ‘that the cleaners of everywhere in Pakistan has no rights for education, medical treatment, and social security as well as insurance, The working hours are still not settled they are still working 12 to 16 hours a day with 1 pound’
All the cleaners in Banks, Railways, Air Ports, Dray Ports, bakeries, School, Collage, Universities, private offices, govt offices are working without safety and security, anyone can killed them at the bases of religion, Even the corporation (City distract committee) and its officials are missed using them, The MNA,MPA, NAZIM, COUNSOLOR, ADVISOR, UNION COUNSIL SECRETRY, OFFICIAL AND NON OFFICAIL GOVT employees are always checking their work at road, ward, street, garden and house keeping .
These all people are using them as personal slave.

The employees of water and sanitation are also facing the same problems all over the country but they are not united for their own rights, many times during the cleaning of dirty and dark drainages they are dying due to dirty and dangerous gasses but the department and the clerical staff always making hurdles for their rights and their salaries. We are looking still hope for the better future of their children.