Name: Khalid Shahzad
Comment: May 26, 2014.  Lahore: On Sunday All Pakistan minority Alliance (Founder) organized training workshop at 17, Waris road Bishop Samuel Azarih conference hall.  60 most  responsible workers  from  Wah factory, Taxilla, Rawalpindi Islamabad, Multan, Sumundery, Faisalabad, Rang pure and other area of  Punjab chapter were attend that wonderful workshop, The main speakers were Ch.Tariq Saraj Advocate and Khalid Shahzad human rights activist addressed. At first Session Khalid Shahzad were asking the hurdle and solution of the problems, emergency response and workers role. Interfaith harmony and peace process, relation building with other religion, value of education and skill training.
On the second session Tariq Saraj Ch were speaking about the natural leadership and the community issues. He highlighted current situation legal steps for justice and hurdle in the process of blasphemy law, Christian marriage act and the church responsibilities.
The Chairman of the APMA founder Parviaz Rafique was also speaking by video conference from United States. During his session he insist to the workers about Christian spirit, equal rights, minorities rights and the role of parliamentarians, He also aware about democracy, dialogue, Interfaith and acceptance  Knowledge and information technology, Islamic and Christian values, how to avoid from religion debates, how to move in the society, At the last he announce the chief coordinator Tariq Saraj Ch. All Workers were agreed on Tariq Saraj’s leadership and his responsibilities. The stage secretary was  Dr. Riaz who red report about the violation of minorities rights and the increasing number of case of blasphemy laws.  At the end of the session we pray for Pakistan which is already in critical condition and facing many national and international challenges.

Khalid Shahzad.
Human rights activist