16-years-old Christian girl was allegedly gang-raped by four evil young Muslim men in Kot Mubark District Hafizabad Pakistan on 18 may 2014. The sources said that the young girl Elishba of Ali Pur Chatha visited to her sister’s house in Kot Mubarik. She went to shop near her sister’s house to purchase something. Meanwhile the culprits Abid Mehmood S/o Muhammad Kameer Cast Mochi, Ali Hassan S/o Muhammad Azam and Muhammad Abubakar s/o Alam caught her and forcefully raped her. The Culprit Abubakar attack on her with sword and she soiled with blood. She was screamed with pain after that they runaway and left her naked. Elishba’s brother Hamid Yousaf S/o Yousaf Masih approached with police but police showed lack of interest.


The Chairman Pakistan Minorities Alliance advocate Tahir Naveed Chaudhary along with Javed Qamar Sindu, president Labour wing Punjab,and Ishaqe Masih youth coordinator Hafizabad visited the victim family for fact finding. Mr. Tahir Naveed Chaudhary contacted with the police officials and Punjab government to arrest the culprits and punished as soon as. The Chairman (PMA) assured the victims for the legal assistance and any sort of help for this case from PMA. Mr. Tahir Naveed Chaudhary said the minorities’ girls are facing so many cases of gang-rapes and assault due to that their future is badly affected specially for their marriages.

During talk to media he also said that we strongly insist to provide safety for minorities in Pakistan. We strongly condemn these kinds of dejected cases. The civil societies and government must play vital role to stop these kinds of cases.

Reported by: Ch. Aqueel Michael