See what happens when Pakistani Christian asylum seekers deported to Pakistan. One Pakistani Christian sister wrote me the horrible story about her family. I am posting her letter as I received.
Mr. Watson  I am writing to you not knowing that if can have any impact on my miserable life that now I am living everyday in this country, mentioning below what happened with me and my husband who is now more in this world.


I Kiran Darryl John along with my husband Darryl John were living in the city of Karachi Pakistan North Karachi are.


In 2011 a cousin of my Husband named Jude Julius Clive was accused of Blasphemy and had a case registered against him by his employer. On 25th August 2011 some Muslim men from our area came to our home along with some men who were looking for Jude Julius late in night and rang our door bell, when my husband opened the door thinking that his mother has returned but instead some men pushed him inside and locked the door, one man slapped Darryl and he fell down when I heard a voice I ran outside but another man took out his gun and put it on my head and said do not make a single voice, just tell us where the hell is Jude that Blashmer, because we know he survived the attack and he also escaped from the hospital. We very well know that he visits your place and now he is here but we know very well that you both know where he is hiding, just tell us where is he right now .

Otherwise what happened with him is nothing what we are going to do with both of you and you very well know that what is the life of a Blasphemer in our country. But we said that we do not know where Jude is and neither has he contacted us or come here since long time, they started slapping and kicking my husband and I was helpless and could not do anything at that moment, but some people from the area when heard our voice  came outside our door and started ringing our door bell, but those men were carrying weapons they opened the door and started shouting that my Husband and me have committed Blasphemy because we helped Jude Julius a Blasphemer,and one of the men called the police of the area and said that a husband and wife have committed Blasphemy by using abusive words against Prophet Mohammed and one man took Darryls mobile and send some text messages to one of the men mobile against Prophet Mohammed, when the area police came to our home then instead of helping us and my husband who was beaten so badly and was bleeding lying on the ground, the police took me on the side and said do what they are saying and tell them where is Darryls cousin Jude because he is already facing a Blasphemy case and you too will be booked in the same case, I was not amazed because being a Christian I was aware of such incident.We were taken to police North Karachi Police station, and thrown in lock up, but my father in law Mr. John and his wife Stephanie John came to the police station with our church priest and after giving bribe to the SHO of the police station we were left to go but were told not to go back to our home otherwise the police wont be responsible for what happens with our family, so we went to the St. Judes parish and hid there for few days, on 28th September 2011, Fr. told us that a case of Blasphemy has been registered against our whole family and police is looking for us, so after few days my husband Darryl John who had already a valid visa for Thailand went there and seeked Asylum, he submitted all his documents related to his case to the UN office in Thailand, but since you are ware that in Pakistan when a case of Blasphemy is registered against you the original is always with the accuser and not the accused, but my husbands Asylum application was rejected with the reason that my husband did not have original documents related to his case so he was deported back to Pakistan on 19th October 2012 and was handed over to Airport police from there he was under arrest because when he returned back his visa was expired, but later the police got info that he also has a case registered against him when they checked his luggage they found all the docs related to his asylum application, and in the mid of night I got a call from a man by the name of Abdul Rasool he said that my husband gave him this number and said he has been deported back to Pakistan, from Thailand so if you want him not to be resented in court as he has a case against him, so arrange an amount of 10 lacs Pak Rs. I said we do not have such amount and why will he be produced in court what wrong has he done, they said you know vey well what you all have done, arrange the money by morning otherwise what happens with him we are not responsible, I immediately told this to my father & mother in law, they contacted Fr and told him everything, somehow the money we had and by the help of Fr we managed to arrange some 3.5 Lacs and Fr early morning went to meet the person there he met some officer by the name of Chaudhary Imtiaz who was some kind of officer where my husband was in lock up and brought my husband home.
On 23rd November 2012 we got a call from an unknown number 0301-2234692 and a man said that we are well aware that Darryl has come back and now you face the consequences of hiding a Blasphemer,and then exactly after one month when we planned to move to Peshawer to my home for few months and were about to sit in the car two men on a bike stopped near us and one man ran towards us and took out a gun and started firing I fell down towards backwards but Darryl was standing and one bullet his chest and two on his legs, those men left as soon they thought Darryl was dead, but as soon as those men left I ran towards not knowing what to do, he was in a pool of blood and I could not do anything, one man passing on a bike stopped and said I have called the ambulance its coming, but until we reached hospital my husband my life was no more.

When the police came to seek info what happened I told them everything and they said that they need a file an FIR for which I need to come to police station, and after two days I was shocked to hear that in local news paper it was mentioned that my husband was a member of a political party MQM in North Karachi Sector and he has been killed by some rival group which is totally lie, but now I have no place to seek justice but with the efforts of a priest and a nun from unknown place in Karachi .

Thank You

Kiran Darryl