First Anniversary of the Living Stone Urdu Church
Talking about some memories, by Watson Gill
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July 2013 is very important in the history of our church. We tried for almost two months continuously that our community remains united but our principles were a hurdle in our way that the decisions should be made with consultation and by the majority. We got punished for that and the doors were closed on us. Now there were only two choices. First, that we forget our principles, bow down and go back to that church or secondly, to wait for a new bright morning. We put these two options in prayers before God and we got the answer. We thank God for that. I think that our paths are certainly separate now but our destination is the same. To me, every community member is still respectable, no matter which church that person belongs to. Our love in Christ for each other should not be apart if our church building is different. We are all like one body in Christ.
In a meeting on 21st July 2013, organized by Pastor Nadeem Din at his house, we made a last attempt to unite. After the failure of this attempt and the embarrassment, Mr. Sajid Bhatti and me, the writer Watson Gill, made a last decision that we’ll not look back any more. In regard to this matter, a meeting on 24th or 25th of July 2013 was again arranged at the house of Pastor Nadeem in which the elder people of the community were invited to lead us because we were going to take a big decision. Along with Mr. Sajid Bhatti and Watson Gill in the meeting, there were Pastor Nadeem Din, Uncle Amanat, Uncle Emmanuel, Pastor Elisha Samuel, Pastor Riaz Malik, Uncle John Bhatti, Mr. Akmal Gill, Mr. Abid Shakeel, Mr. Ejaz Sarfraz and from the ladies in the community, Mrs. Shazia Nadeem, Mrs. Shaista Aziz, Mrs. Parveen Bhatti, Mrs. Surriya Gill, Mrs. Amanat, Mrs. Ejaz Sarfraz and Mrs. Fauzia Abid were present. An assessment of the last two months was made at the beginning of the meeting and then Mr. Sajid Bhatti and me, Watson Gill, proposed that we do not have a church now, therefore we need a separate church. Mr. Abid Shakeel, Mr. Ejaz Sarfraz and Mr. Akmal Gill agreed with the proposal, whereas Pastor Nadeem Din was in doubt. The elders of the community listened carefully to us. Then uncle Emmanuel also agreed with us and he assured us of his plentiful support. After that, everyone including Pastor Nadeem, present in the meeting agreed over a new church. One thing is sure that no one in the meeting, including Mr. Sajid Bhatti and myself, was happy at all. Instead everyone became silent for a while. With broken heart we planned for the new church and on 27th of July we started the Church. The name of the church was given later but we held our first church service on 28th of July 2013 at Breeplein church in Rotterdam. The report over this church service can be seen at Global Christian Voice dated 29th of July 2013.

We have a church committee to control all matters. All the designations were not only in agreement with the advice of the committee but also with the congregation. To assist Pastor Nadeem, we have Elder Sajid Bhatti(Amsterdam) and Elder Ejaz Sarfraz(Rotterdam). Mr. John Bhatti is the chairman. Mr. Abid Shakeel is the secretary of the church and Mrs. Jennifer Jacob is to assist him. Treasurerers are: Mr. Shahzad Bhatti(Amsterdam) and Mrs. Saba Saleem(Rotterdam). Mrs. Rubina and Mr. Ghufran run home affairs. Mr. Watson Gill represents political and social wing. Mr. Akmal Gill is choir in-charge and Mrs. Fauzia Abid and Mrs. Saba Bobby are Sunday school teachers.
The elders lead the church service and the Pastor preaches the sermon. If it is necessary then he stays at the pulpit otherwise he sits among the congregation. All the decisions are made on majority basis. One does not interfere with the matters of the other wings of the committee.

People are free to go to any church they want to and also there is no restriction on making or having contacts with other people of the community. The church has bought within a year its own music system, chafing dishes and some other things. If any member of the church needs a letter from the church then it’ll be issued after the decision of the committee and, including the letter of the church, everyone has equal rights for everything of the church because The Living Stone Urdu Church is in reality a church of the congregation.
The church has held its first convention so successfully that not only the congregation of our church but the people of other Urdu churches have acknowledged that they have never seen so much spirituality and blessings in a convention before and that they have got the blessings(praise the lord).

I want to explain one thing that a notice/warning was issued about Pastor Nadeem Din of the Living Stone Urdu Church that he is discharged from his duties. It was issued on 08th august 2013. But Pastor Nadeem himself had left everything behind on 28th of July 2013, ten days before this issuance of the notice, to start with a new system. The proof of this fact can be seen in the report of 29th july 2013, published in the Global Christian Voice(link above).