We want abolition of blasphemy law ( Letizia Bellabarba, regional Councilor Marche )

Government of Pakistan should take extra measures to protect minorities in pakistan . (Francesco Verducci, senator of Italian Parlament)

The entire Parliament has already expressed a strong stand against the persecution of minorities In Pakistan( Paolo Petrini, Italian Parlamentarian )

Press Conference by Democratic Party with Adan Farhaj to condemn brutal attack on Pakistani Sikhs

A conference was held on August 13, 2014 at the office of the Democratic Party of Fermo which was organized by human right activist Adan Farhaj, PMRO (Pakistan Minorities Rights Organization) UK, with the collaboration of Democratic Party of Fermo and the Sikh Community of Porto Sant ‘Elpidio. The purpose of the meeting was to condemn the massacres involving religious minorities in Pakistan and elsewhere and especially to condemn the brutal attack on the Sikhs in Peshawar, Pakistan.

The meeting was attended by the Provincial Secretary Paul Nicolai, the Regional Councillor Letizia Bellabarba, the head of the Forum PD immigration Marcela Coman, the Italian Representative of PMRO Adan Farhaj, representative of the Sikh community of Porto Sant ‘Elpidio Ash Sodhi as well as numerous members of the community.

Pakistan is famous for the aggressive blasphemy laws which are in fact used as tools on those who are a part of the religious minority such as the Sikhs and Christians for religious cleansing. There have been numerous acts of violence and death sentences such as the famous case of Sawan Masih for which an international petition was circulated.

Ash Sodhi, representative of the Sikh community said, “We appreciate the work Adan Farhaj has been doing for the Sikh community here in Italy, and especially his work for minorities in Pakistan. We fully support and condemn the killing of our Sikh brothers in Pakistan. We thank Letizia Bellabarba and the Region Marche that speak up for minorities in Pakistan. We hope that the Government of Pakistan work out laws to protect minorities.”

The Regional Councillor Letizia Bellabarba presented a motion to the Regional Council of Marche earlier this year, which was passed unanimously, asking the Italian Parliament to pressurize the Government of Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws. Councillor Bellabarba during the meeting with the Sikh community stressed on the need to overcome fears through a knowledge of the different cultures which is also helping in Italy thanks to the construction of the intercultural center in Porto Sant ‘Elpidio.

Adan Farhaj council member of PMRO, United Kingdom, condemned the killing of a member of Pakistani, and vowed to promote and continue his work on an international platform for the fundamental change necessary for a progressive and peaceful Pakistan. He said, “Foreign government should put pressure on Pakistan to ensure that this law is eradicated and all minorities protected in the country.”

Paolo Petrini sent a written message saying, “The entire Parliament has already expressed a strong stand against the persecution of religious minorities and specifically Christians. The commitment must continue as we involve more governments. And we will continue to support the Pakistani religious minorities.” Francesco Verducci sent a message through his secretary saying, “We support strongly the call of Adan Farhaj and the Sikh community. Denial of individual liberties and religion in Pakistan is intolerable. Efforts should be intensified to ensure that the UN reaches out to areas where minorities are deeply rooted, and measures are taken to monitor and protect the rights of the weakest. “

The head of the Immigration Forum, Marcela Coman, together with Paolo Nicolai, provincial secretary of the Democratic Party emphasized the need of a common foreign policy saying that “Our country because of its geographical position is a frontier land and can not be left alone. We need a common foreign policy in order to put an end to the various incidents of violence that occur in the countries of the Middle East and beyond.”

The meeting ended with a very strong commitment by everyone present to continue to support the Pakistani religious minorities and raise awareness about their plights.