Pakistan Christian Movement held a protest for release of Asia bibi a victim of Blasphemy law and for repeal of blasphemy laws yesterday .This protest was lead by Dr Riaz Aasi coordinator Pakistan Christian Movement, Many people participated in protest, show their solidarity with Asia bibi and demanded release of Asia bibi.
While addressing to Protestant Naeem Ishaq Mall demanded the release of asia bibi,he further said that Blasphemy Laws are a hanging sword to Christians and other religious minorities of Pakistan. These laws are used against Christians and other religious minorities to pressurize them, to grab their properties and to convert them. PCM is struggling for repeal of all discriminatory laws including the Blasphemy laws.
While addressing to protestant Farooq Bashir General Secretary PCM youth wing Punjab said that Blasphemy Laws have damaged Christians psychologically, socially and economically therefore these laws should be repealed. There is also a serious issue of the security of victims of blasphemy law. He further said that People who are taken into police custody or detained in prisons are the responsibility of the police and jail authorities, but there are several people who were killed in prison like Nazir Masih and Fanish Masih. Samuel Masih was killed by a policeman on duty to guard him while he was admitted in hospital for treatment of Tuberculosis.
He further stated that Judges are threatened by extremists for their diligence and lawyers are killed for defending innocent people, the only conclusion is that the Pakistani government has no control over these extremists and is failing to establish the rule of law. In this situation Christians are feeling very scared and helpless.He kept on saying that Asia bibi should be released immediately and Blasphemy laws should be abolished.