Report on Blasts in Yohana Abad Churches.
Today on 15-03-15 an awful incidence occurred in the largest Christian Community in Lahore i.e. Yohana Abad. When during the Church Mass terrorists tried to enter the Church but the Church guard of the Catholic Church St. John’s stopped him where he blasted himself causing many injuries and the death of several people, but it was not enough, because right after this blast, the Protestant Church namely Christ Church also came under a terrorist attack and right after that the terrorists attacked the Mob of the people by firing. The people of the community were gathering to help the Christian community including The Voice team which was comprised of Aneeqa Maria, Shahid Anthony, Imran Barkat, and Imran Zafarwas also there to help the injured and for the solidarity when the firing started, luckily all the members of TVS team remained safe but the Car of TVS was badly broken down due to the firing of the terrorists. We thank almighty God that he kept us all safe and alive.
But it was not over with two churches, right after the firing of the terrorists another Blast was heard in Shakaina Church Youhana Abad as well. So all together there were three Blasts in the Churches and heavy firing on the roads. Meanwhile people got hold of the two terrorists and the angry mob of Christians burnt the terrorists alive, after beating them severely. Heavy firearms were recovered from the terrorists, after which the situation became tense and the terrorists attacked the community once again leaving many injured including the Police officers with in the colony. The Voice team is still there helping the injured, arranging the blood and also arranging the funeral services, which are going to be held after 5:00pm in the evening.
About 80 people are severely injured so far, and 14 people are dead. Please pray all the injured and all the dead, also pray for the families residing there who are affected by the Blasts and also pray for the safety and security of the Voice team.
I will keep you updated about the incidence.

In him,

Aneeqa M. Anthony
The Voice