Pakistan Christian Community in Europe has planned to organize a peaceful protest on short notice, in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. We will raise our concerns at every forum to bring into light the state of persecution of Pakistani Christians. Ijaz Mathew Zulfquar

Representatives from Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy include, Watson Gill, Pastor Nadeem Deen, Pastor John Ashraf, Pastor William Peghani, Manget Masih, Pastor Imran Gill, Gasper Daniel, Jamshaid malik, Yaqoob Masih, Younas William, Tari Gulraiz, Pervaiz Bhatti, Latif Bhatti, Kaleem Saleem, Abid Shakeel, Tariq Masih, Bobi Bob, Faraz Ejaz, Jeem Phey Ghauri and several other notable Christians.
We are trying to get more of Christian leadership in other countries on board. The date of protest will be announced shortly.

Ijaz Mathew Zulfquar
‎Christian Liberation Front Pakistan (CLF)