LAHORE:Yesterday Sunday 24 May at about 2:00 PM a Christian man Hamaoyiun alias Faisal mentally unstable booked in blasphemy case FIR No.424/15 under section 295-B PPC at Police Station Gulshan Ravi on the complaint of a Muslim man Syed Zeeshan Haider.

According to the contents of FIR,the complainant was passing by the canal of dirty waters where he saw a man was taking out and burning some torn Quranic papers from a trash cans which was hanging and fixed with a pole of electricity.The complainant along with his other companions seized and hold the alleged accused and a large number of people gathered on the spot.The police arrived on the spot by 15 call and took the accused in their custody.

At evening around about 6:00 PM, a large number in hundreds an enraged mob of Muslims get-togethered at a local mosque after evening prayer and they started marched towards Christian residential area where the alleged accused was residing.
The Christian of the area were already warned and informed about the attack by The police and they locked their homes and fled away to save for their lived.

The enraged mob attacked at Christians homes and they broken windows,doors and electric meters.They also looted the household things.They forcibly entered in the Catholic St.Joseph Church and they wanted to burn but on timely intervention of the police and the rangers the mob was unable to be successful in their motives and during the tussle of the mob and the police one senior Police officer got injured.Now the situation is under control but still many homes are locked.
Today Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender visited the affected areas and met with some Christian residents.They are terrified and fearful by the Muslims.It is concluded after taking interviews of different Christians of the area that it has become difficult for Christians to live with Muslims majority unless the blasphemy laws are in books for them to take breaths in the presence of these lawd is too difficult.
We are raising our voice on different forums and making it clear with evidences that this law is being used against Christians to make them more depressed.We have requested international community to take stand with us for its abolition.