Report on a Cold Blooded Murder of a Christian Man upon marrying a Muslim woman Reported By,
Aneeqa Maria

Aleem Masih s/o Naseem Masih aged about 28 years got married with Nadia d/o a Muslim named Muhammad Din Meo aged about 23 years. She converted from Islam and became Christian. Her family was anguished upon her marriage because she was converted and brought shame to the family’s reputation. The couple went to Narang Mandi (about 60kms away from lahore)to save their lives from the fanatic parents of Nadia. But still Nadia and Aleem Masih were under constant threats after the marriage and Nadia’s family was looking for a proper chance to avenge their grave insult from the couple. The couple filed a Writ for their protection in the court as well because Aleem and his family members were constantly threatened by the Muslim family. The brothers of Nadia tried to harass the family members and brothers of Aleem as well, to hand them over the couple but in vain. On 30th of July 2015, finally the brothers and other family members o Nadia got a chance, as the couple went to Khaliq nagar a small village at the back of Youhanabad to see the Hakeem (local physician who does herbal treatment) for Nadia’s treatment, but the family of Nadia got a chance and they came to know somehow about the couple’s location, it is assumed that while they were going in the Rickshaw some body saw them and told the family of Nadia that she is here. Nadia’s father kidnapped the couple, and he let the rickshaw driver leave while the couple remain seated in the rickshaw on gun point and then he brought the rickshaw in the farms and there the brothers and father of Nadia brutally beaten and killed the couple. They gunned three fires on Aleem one on his ankle so that he could not run, the other in his ribs and the last in his mouth. Whereas Nadia got fired in her ribs and belly, the family thought that both are dead, after that Nadia’s brother Azhar told everyone in the village that he has killed a dog and afterwards called the police and arrested himself. When the police reached the place of occurrence they came to know that Nadia was still alive and they sent Nadia to General Hospital, but Doctors said that she is very critical and there are very few chances of her survival. Moreover Nadia was covered by Muslim men and women so that when she became conscious she could not give any statement against her brothers and father. Although there was police on her security but as we all know that Police matters nothing when religion is the matter of dispute.
Naeem Masih...Parveen Naeem
The Voice Team : The Voice team came to know about the incidence and reached the place of occurrence instantly, but the circumstances there were very critical as the Muslims were very excited upon killing the Dogs (Christians) and they wanted to kill all dogs who came to help the couple or in favor of Christians. The team comprised of Adv. Aneeqa Maria, Shahid Anthony, Napolean Qayyum, Imran Barkat and Imran Zafar went to the Police station to know the situation of the case along with the family members of Aleem Masih (deceased). But the police station was also covered by the Meos (Muslim caste). There we came to know that Muhammad Azhar has surrendered himself for committing the murder of Aleem Masih and is very happy as he is now the hero of his nation after killing aChristian. He is now going to the paradise and will be blessed here too. Moreover he also had brought the family’s pride back. The Police assured the Voice team that they will register the FIR when the father of the deceased named Naseem Masih will come to the Police station. Naseem Masih was in Sialkot along with his wife to attend the Funeral of his elder brother. So he told us that he is on his way to Lahore. The Voice team than went to the home of Aleem’s brother named Naeem and met his family and wife. They all were very depressed and angry upon such killing of their brother.
Naeem’s Statement: Naeem Masih told The Voice team that he also has been threatened many times by the family of Nadia because he lives close to their house. Upon asking him about the information of the death of his brother he told that his friend Hanooq Yaqoob was present near the place where they brutally killed his brother, upon hearing the gun shots people started gathering the place, Hanooq also went to see what happened, there he saw Aleem his friend’s brother lying dead in the pool of blood and his wife too, everybody thought she is dead too, so he called Naeem and told him that his brother and sister in law have been murdered. Naeem said we were confused and we could not believe him at once but after some time he called again and asked me whether why did not I reached the place of occurrence, after few minutes people started calling and asking us, then we rushed towards the fields and came to know about the incidence.
Parveen Naeem, w/o Naeem Masih told the Voice team that she heard the people of the Village shouting and rejoicing at the murder of Aleem and saying that they can send their sons to death happily if they kill more Christians.
It is evident from the fact that when Muslims threaten, they mean whatever they say. It is very unfortunate that people still think in that killing somebody in the name of religion or honor will lead them to heaven. This thought needs to be change, law needs to act strongly and at least once such people should be punished strictly and humiliated so that the others realize that killing people is not fun. There is no honor in killing the daughters and sons.

Reported By,
Aneeqa Maria
Advocate High Court
The Voice Society

Note: The Voice team could not take pictures of the Victims clearly because of security threats. we were not in a condition of showing up our cameras. We will soon update the report with the pictures of Victims and deceased.