PCC Holland Chapter concerned about safety of life and honor of Pervaiz Masih of Kasur

Holland, October 12, 2015. (PCP) Pastor Parvez Iqbal, President, Pakistan Christian Congress Holland Chapter and Member, PCC Central Committee with great concern has showed his worries and concerns about protection and safety of Pervaiz Masih a victim of False case registered under Blasphemy Laws who was arrested on 2nd September 2015 from Kasur and have been granted bail by the court of law. Indeed this this is new hope against repeal and avoid misuse of Blasphemy Laws against innocent Christians in Pakistan. This grant of bail has left a big question mark about “who will secure protection, life safey and honor/property of Pervaiz Masih and His family in Islamic Republic of Pakistan??? “
Definately rulling government, Law enforcement agencies and local administration are fully responsible to provide due protection to Pervaiz Masih, to save him, his family and his households from the peoples possessed by the Devil and are with the evil thoughts who are 24/7 ready to kill innocent Pakistani Christians under these Black Laws to get delightful entry in Heaven which is not only their foolishness but also a dream in sun shine.

IF, any damage caused to Pervaiz Masih, after his bail in his home land, Local Police, Provinicial and Fedral Governments will be held responsible directly, said Pastor Parvez Iqbal.

Pastor Parvez Iqbal,