As you know that Pervaiz Masih a victim of Blasphemy i.e. 295 C was arrested on 2nd September 2015, now with all the efforts of the Voice’s team and Lawyers he is granted bail on 7th October 2015. It is the credibility of The Voice Society as he is one of the rarest cases in the history of Pakistan when a Blasphemy Victim is granted post arrest bail after one month from Sessions court, otherwise such cases go to High court or supreme court.
Many victims in the case under section 295 C are sentenced punishment by the courts such as Sawan Masih, Asia Bibi and many more, and most of the cases are refused Bail on session court’s level e.g. Adnan Masih, Pastor Aftab Gill and others etc. We pray for their release as well. but here in this case God has blessed us with this Huge success, its a big achievement for us because Kasur is one of the conservative areas of Punjab and it is very dangerous to contest a case like this in such an area, moreover i must mention here that it is the same case when The Voice’s team was DETAINED by the Police of Kasur in the middle of the night and was threatened and harassed by the Police . I am thankful to all of you for your prayers and wishes for me and my team.

Aneeqa Maria Anthony