Today on 11 January 2016,everly in morning, Pervaiz Gouri surrendered his life to God as faithful in Christ, now Late Martyr, Parviaz Gouri belonged to Lahore, Pakistan. He was Pakistani Christian Asylum seeker who came to Bangkok, Thailand for seeking Asylum through UNHCR.
Perviez Ghouri was good in health before the arrest in the hands of immigration Detention Center few months ago, and then he took it very serious. Then his brain was hammerhead due to fear and tension.
After death of Sanina Faisal and other died Asylum seekers, he was shifted to Hospital dated 07-01-2016. Immigration shifted to hospital because they could not give him proper medical facility in detention, he was died due to improper treatment in hospital. Mr.Riaz is feeling same condition, now he is in hospital and his condition is also not good.
So we request to all God’s people to have good heart to pray for these Asylum seekers who are sick in detention center, because there is not proper food according to Pakistani food also. It has been also observed that Pakistani food and Thai food are totally different, they can not arrange Pakistani food in detention but in immigration detention is very low according to their daily need of food.
It means that there are physiological problems, food problems and insecurity sense and delays in cases tension, failure of cases tension. Even Late Martyr Jerry (Jeris), a husband Asia Bibi had been died also in same tension because their case was also refused by UNHCR, he had not proper treatment for his health; he was died on 28 Feb 2015.

We request to international community and media, UNHCR to feel this pain for humanity. May God open doors of foreign countries for them, because they are afraid to come back in Pakistan, they are feeling dangerous to come back, so many people have cases that are going on.
We request to review the case of Asylum seeker carefully with pain and burden and full knowledge of situation of case and country situation. There are so many people are going to be died day by day spiritually and physically. Asylum Seeker left Pakistan with hope that UN will give them protection and safety for their lives.

This is another sad news after the deaths of “Sanina Faisal”, Daud Saddique, Dr. Nazir, Baba Sadiq, Nomi Waqas , Rasheed Masih, Faris Ayub, Riaz Masih, Jerry (Jaris). One name is still not listed in these names,
Today one more Pakistani Christian Asylum seeker named Mr.Pervaiz Ghouri passed away due to improper treatment who was suffering critically for last few days in hospital. Now nobody is responsible for these deaths, it is cold murder under shelter of UNHCR. It is also being considered among different counsels that why they left Pakistan, Nobody left his country when he has everything good and well. Most of Pakistan Christian did not want to leave Pakistan, we know that this is our country “Pakistan” But we cannot ignore the miserable condition of Pakistan where even Muslim are also suffering so much due to false Blasphemy cases.

We appeal to all International authorities to help these Pakistan Asylum Seekers, we pray for them, may God bless their hearts and mind to rethink about miseries of situation about these causalities. May God mercy on them and our country Pakistan. We pray for Pakistan’ peaceful atmosphere also, May God bring good law system to do justice with cases. Because it has been observed in all cases of minorities, there is no justice and punishment for accusers and attackers till today. They had been ignored. Because there is no punishment even after real fact finding and Most of Pakistani Christian are fed up with law of Pakistan in all cases.